Film Review: The Con-Heartist (2021)

All around the world, phone scams have been on the rise lately, with victims losing thousands to a million dollars. This film, as the title suggests, explores the journey of a banker and avid YouTube influencer Ina (Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul) as she successfully foils an attempt by a conman named Tower (Nadech Kugimiya). Although we initially see Ina's success, we eventually learn that she has been swindled by her ex-boyfriend Petch and lost 500,000 Thai Baht (approximately $22,000 Singapore Dollars). Tower convinces Ina to get her revenge by conning Petch of an even larger sum of money. They devise a plan to set up a fake tour company that was interested in investing in Petch’s hotel chains, spurring the rest of the film on.

Leaving you at the edge of your seat, the film is fast-paced and zany. You can expect outlandish humour and adventure as Tower and Ina set up their elaborate plan, possibly reminding you of the critically-acclaimed Korean movie Parasite (2019), where the poor Kim family set out to gradually invade the life of the rich Park family. In this particular film, the entire ensemble bring life to their characters. All characters have their own backstories, that are well highlighted and well-orchestrated in the film. Ina is definitely a character that views would end up rooting for, since her heartbroken self is paying the price of the swindling Petch has done.

The daylight scenes in Khon Kaen are enjoyable to watch, providing a different perspective to Thailand beyond just Bangkok and Phuket. Khon Kaen is a city that is slightly less frenetic than Bangkok, but it is still lively nonetheless.

If anything, this film is relevant to all viewers today because of its intertwining of current trends and social issues. You will also get an insight into millennials struggling in the throes of debt, as well as online scammers who constantly try to earn easier money.

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