ShoutOUT! mm2 Entertainment releases its post-pandemic film line-up till 2021

Singapore media entertainment and content company mm2 Entertainment has announced the release dates of a slate of Singapore films for 2020 and 2021. Number 1《男儿王》 will will lead a pipeline of films to be released over the coming year. The list of films includes comedies, dramas, horrors and thrillers - offering a wide variety of cinematic options. Included in the list are Jack Neo’s The Diam Diam Era 1 & 2 slated for the year-end school holidays and Chinese New Year respectively, as well as Mark Lee’s directorial debut Running Ghost. 

“We are extremely excited to share this slate of Singapore-made movies, including the first local film to release in 2020. It has not been a good year for Singapore moviegoers, with the pandemic causing havoc to the releases to Hollywood and Asian movies. Every year there is a steady stream of new Singapore movies released in cinemas. This year however, due to the pandemic and the circuit breaker, there has not been any local releases to date. We are therefore proud to be releasing this slate of Singapore films, for Singaporeans,” says Mr Ng Say Yong, Chief Content Officer of mm2 Asia. 

Here is the line-up!

Number 1《男儿王》 
Release Date 22nd October 2020 
*2 Golden Horse Awards nominations* 
Best Actor (Mark Lee) 
Best Makeup and Costume Design (Raymond Kuek, Azni Samdin) 
Number 1 is a heart-warming musical family comedy that follows the story of Chow Chee Beng, a middle-aged white collar manager retrenched by his company. After many failed interviews, Chee Beng unwillingly takes a job as a manager at ‘Number One’, a popular drag club. Soon, Chee Beng is roped into dressing up to join the drag queens on stage. And to everyone’s surprise, Chee Beng is a natural drag queen and his performance wows the audiences! Starring Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Jasper Lai | Directed by Ong Kuo Sin 

Precious Is The Night《今宵多珍重》 
Release Date 10th December 2020 
*2 Golden Horse Awards nominations* 
Best Cinematography (Wayne PENG) 
Best Makeup and Costume Design (LIM Sau-hoong) 
Precious Is The Night is a thriller set in 1960’s Singapore. The film stars internet sensation model-photographer Chuando Tan 陈传多 as a 30-something doctor caught in a web of deceit, sex and lies. The murder drama revolves around the doctor who is engaged to make house calls to a mysterious wealthy family. Starring Chuando Tan, Nanyeli, Chang Tzulei, Xiang Yun, Chen Yixin, Tay Ping Hui Directed by Wayne Peng 彭文淳 

The Diam Diam Era《我们的故事之沉默的年代》 
Release Date End November 2020 (TBC) 
The story of the Lim family from Long Long Time Ago 《我们的故事》continues in this two-part film series. Conflict grows between Ah Kun and his nephew Shun Fa. Themes of a generation gap between those born in the 1950s and the following generation are explored in their varying reactions to nation-building policies implemented from the 1980s to the present day. Starring Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Suhaimi Yusof | Directed by Jack Neo

The Diam Diam Era Too《我们的故事之沉默的年代 2》 
Release Date CNY 2021 (TBC) 
Following events in The Diam Diam Era, the story of the Lim family continues… Starring Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Suhaimi Yusof | Directed by Jack Neo

Running Ghost 《翻身争霸战》 
Releases Q1 2021 
A timid man finds himself in the afterlife. To win a second chance at life, he must be the winner in the underworld’s reality game show: Running Ghost. Starring Wong You-nam, Cecilia SO | Directed by Mark Lee. 

Hell Hole《鬼地方》 
Releases Q1 2021 
A loving mother makes a death pact with a spirit by sacrificing her life to save her child. Years later, he grows up and is bullied whilst studying in medical school, resulting in his death. Reunited in death as vengeful spirits, mother and son open up a hell hole to those who had wronged them. Starring Justin Cheung, Jennifer Yu | Directed by Sam Loh.

Releases Q1 2021 
A woman who loses her husband in a tragic accident tries to bond with her teenaged stepdaughter to no avail. Eventually her stepdaughter’sloneliness and longing for a motherly figure attracts the attention of a deadly Pontianak, the spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. Now she must show what it takes to be a mother and protector before she loses her stepdaughter forever. Starring Alicia Amin, Nur Sabrina | Directed by Raihan Halim. 

Shadows 《残影空间》 
Releases Q2 2021 
A psychiatrist who possesses the ability to enter the subconscious mind must look into her traumatic past and overcome her inner demons in order to stop a serial killer on the loose. Starring Stephy Tang, Tse Kwan-ho, Philip Keung | Directed by Glenn Chan 

Fatekeepers 《风水灵灵灵》 
Releases Q2 2021 
5 chosen individuals holding the secret to Singapore’s mysterious Feng Shui formation must unite and fulfil their destiny of defending it with their lives Starring Richie Koh, Julie Tan, Noah Yap, Andie Chen | Directed by Daniel Yam. 

Circle Line《生死环线》 
Releases Q2 2021 
Trapped in the underground train tunnel system, a single mother’s resolve to protect her son is tested to the extreme as both of them are the few remaining survivors of an attack by a monster. Meanwhile in the control room, duty engineers fight desperately to rescue the trapped survivors. Starring Jesseca Liu, Peter Yu, Andie Chen | Directed by JD Chua.
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