ShoutOUT! Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals (SAMPP) launches Covid-19 Relief Fund

The Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals (SAMPP) has announced the launch of a $40,000 SAMPP Covid-19 Relief Fund to support Singapore-based motion picture freelancers whose livelihoods have been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

With the Covid-19 pandemic escalating in Singapore and around the world, the media industry has been hard hit by the cancellation and postponement of projects and productions in the past and coming months and this has been made worse with the implementation of the 'circuit breaker' measures in Singapore.

While the Singapore government has announced measures to help businesses and households and has promised more targeted measures for freelancers, media practitioners are experiencing great hardship right now in these unprecedented times.

SAMPP, a platform for engagement of the industry and the development of the skills, professionalism and image of Singapore's motion picture professionals, recognises the financial pressures that the community, many who are either freelancers or small businesses, are going through at the moment, and has set up the relief fund to support the hardest hit members of our community who have been directly affected by the loss of jobs and income as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

SAMPP has initially put together $20,000 that will offer grants between $300 to $500 to support the film, television, new broadcast media and wider motion picture community through this challenging period. To support the initiative, IMDA will be contributing a matching $20,000 to SAMPP’s Covid-19 Relief fund to rally the community and encourage more people to lend assistance for those in need.

Applicants need to be registered members of SAMPP. In light of the current crisis, membership fees will be waived for the current year and applicants will need to register before applying.

Applications will be vetted and administered by SAMPP, but decisions will be made by an
external panel including a representative from a social sector organisation. Grants will be
awarded based on the assessment of individual needs and details are available on SAMPP’s official website

Establishing this Covid-19 Relief Fund is part of a wider plan to support the community during this difficult period. SAMPP has also set up a dedicated COVID-19 Resource webpage containing available funding support and an FAQ relevant to the media industry on its website.

Anyone requiring further assistance can benefit from more support via a Callback Request.
Jasmine Ng, President of SAMPP and freelance executive producer-director, said “Even though there have been government measures in place for small businesses and freelancers, we recognise that there are members of our community who may be ineligible or will need more urgent financial assistance. We hope our Covid-19 Relief Fund will be able to alleviate the hardships they are facing, as a stopgap.”

“We are heartened by the camaraderie of our media sector and the display of the bond among our practitioners. While we continue to recognise the ongoing challenges our media industry is experiencing during this challenging period, we will work hard to listen for feedback while refining our schemes to support both companies and individuals. We will continue to enhance our support through various prongs in providing job continuity - we can overcome this together if we stay united," said Howie Lau, Chief Industry Development Officer, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) who applauded the initiative.

Anthony Chen, film director and Vice-President of SAMPP said, “With people staying at home and indoors during these unprecedented times, more audiences are viewing content on television and on their devices, it is all the more crucial to support the makers and workers of such content at a time when their livelihoods are at significant risk.”

For more details as to SAMPP's organisation and mission, please visit their official website.

SAMPP welcomes further donations to their COVID-19 Relief Fund via this link.
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