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It’s been 10 years since we started sitting filmmakers down with our notebooks and cameras, documenting their works and individual journeys. We are a fully grown 10-year old teenager now! To celebrate these 10 years of our love for the local scene, we are engaging in a project and we need your help. 

We are creating ART--Comic Art to be exact. A little naughty. A lot of nice… visuals. Ever seen one of those 4-panel comics that deliver pocket-sized humour? Or punchlines that perk you up on a Monday morning over breakfast? (Read on or go straight to our Kickstarter Page if you are ready to contribute)

What if we could encapsulate an entire film into a 4-panel comic? Brevity is the soul of wit. Brevity can be hilarious too! Imagine some of Singapore’s most iconic films condensed into a snappy 4-panel comic and turned into collectible comic art? What would domestic helper Terry say to Jia Ler in Anthony Chen’s Ilo Ilo if she had only one speech bubble? How can we accommodate all the boys with noise in Jack Neo’s Ah Boys to Men into this? What if the elephant in Kirsten Tan’s Pop Aye could speak? Finally, we all agree Lulu in Michelle Chong’s Lulu The Movie talks too much, so what would a ‘redux’ version of Lulu look and sound like? 

Here are the 10 iconic Singapore films we have identified for this project. 

881 by Royston Tan 

881 made getai cool in Singapore through the musical journey of the Papaya Sisters that is hilarious and tearful at the same time. 

23:59 by Gilbert Chan 

• Based on the true story of a certain Charlie company in the Singapore Armed Forces, this horror flick about a left-behind soldier will churn your guts. 

Lulu The Movie by Michelle Chong 

• Singapore’s favourite PRC karaoke hostess takes on fashion and the world. See Lulu rub shoulders with celebrities from Brad Pitt to Karl Lagerfield. 

The Maid by Kelvin Tong 

• Rosa, fresh off the ‘boat’ from the Philippines, arrives in Singapore to work for a family, only to discover strange happenings and skeletons in the closet. 

Ah Boys to Men by Jack Neo 

• Singapore’s most commercially successful film series brings all the boys to the yard and tickles your funny bones with their 101 antics. 

Ilo Ilo by Anthony Chen 

• Ilo Ilo won Singapore’s biggest international film award ever, the Camera d’Or, with its bittersweet tale about a little boy’s growing relationship with his domestic helper. 

Mee Pok Man by Eric Khoo 

• Mee Pok Man is a surprising tale about a relationship between a mee pok seller and a prostitute who was found drunk on the roadside one day. He took her home and she literally went ‘home’. 

Apprentice by Boo Junfeng 

• Apprentice is Boo Junfeng’s thought-provoking story about an apprentice of a prison executioner, and how he grapples with his moral dilemma to pull the lever in the execution room. 

A Yellow Bird by K Rajagopal 

• A Yellow Bird is a heart-wrenching film that engages in some emotional slow-burn about a newly-released prisoner who is struggling to adjust to an immensely unforgiving society and lost time. 

Pop Aye by Kirsten Tan 

• Pop Aye is a road trip tale about an architect who bumps into a long-lost elephant friend in the streets of Bangkok and decides to buy it and head back to where his life began, together. 

A Special Collaboration with Comic Artists 

To create these comics, we will be working with several artists and illustrators, from the young to the more established, including Sonny Liew and director Eric Khoo.


The finished comic art works will be on display at SINdie’s 10th Anniversary Party happening on 13th December 2018, Thursday, an invite-only event. However, the pieces will be revealed online and over social media following the launch at SINdie’s 10th Anniversary Party. The party will bring together all of SINdie’s writers over the last 10 years, as well as filmmakers, producers, programmers, writers, media and members of the film community in Singapore. As a contributor, you will also receive invites to this event (see reward tiers), where you will receive your rewards for contributing. 


The finished comic artwork will be presented in the following ways: 

A2 Full Colour Posters (10 different sets for the 10 comics) 

Full Colour Postcards (10 different sets for the 10 comics) you can stick on your wall or send to your loved ones

Digital Book - contains all 10 comics, which you can pick out and choose to use as your screensaver or phone lockscreen at your whim. 

Wearable Comic Art – we are creating Full Colour Print T Shirts (5 different sets for 5 selected comics) 

Check out our campaign video here or on our Kickstarter page.

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