Filmgarde's New Cinema 1st in Asia to Feature Immersive Sound Technology

Century Square reopened its mall on 6th June 2018, inviting a curious crowd to check out what are the new activities the mall has to offer. Besides new food offerings and retail outlets, Filmgarde Cineplexes’ third cinema in Singapore can be found on the top floor of this newly-renovated mall.

What’s the big deal, you may wonder. It is just another cinema - with the same movies being screened as all the other major cinema companies in Singapore. But is it, really?

Celebrating its tenth year, Filmgarde Cineplexes prides itself in always placing its customers first and by unveiling this latest cinema is a statement in itself. The Century Square cinema is the company’s first step towards their goal of leading Singapore’s market in the cinematic experience.


The first in Singapore as well as Asia, Filmgarde Cineplexes has worked strategically with Mediacorp and Barco (leading international specialist in visual and projection technology) to debut immersive sound technology AuroMax® across all six halls at Filmgarde Century Square.

What is AuroMax®? It is said to be the  ultimate  immersive  sound  system  on  the market that creates a natural 3D listening experience; allowing Singapore’s audience to feel as
though they are right  within  the  picture of the films. Having tested it out for ourselves, we can say that though this upgrade affects you on a more subtle and subconscious level, it does enhance the experience. If you close your eyes, the sound illustrates to you just where a sound is coming from in the film itself and you can follow the narrative that way. This gives sound an even bigger role in enhancing the storytelling itself and your experience of watching a film in the cinema itself, instead of something on your laptop screen. 


Accompanying this upgrade, Filmgarde Cineplexes has also launched a bilingual (Mandarin) ticketing system and website to ease the purchase of tickets for Mandarin speaking population. Though it is not known if the system will improve further to include Malay and Tamil as well, this is definitely a first step in reaching out to audience members that may have a discomfort with the English language.

There will also be an app with an exclusive membership programme. Beyond the usual functions such as booking tickets, the mobile app itself will boast an intuitive membership programme where the experience will be able to become more personalised to its user - with the necessary approval and knowledge of the user. So, you can expect tailored suggestions, movie combos specially curated to be relevant information and rewards you are actually interested in.


With all these surprises finally unveiled by Filmgarde Cineplexes, we cannot wait for a visit to the cinema to be convenient as well as exciting once again. Just like how Head of Group Operations, Filmgarde Cineplexes, Mr Sherman Ong shared: “Given the rapidly changing competitive landscape and the advancements in international technology, we need to constantly expand our customer base and provide the best cinematic experience for our audiences to be their leading choice in Singapore. This means staying ahead of the curve
by  identifying  and  investing significantly in  cutting-edge  technology,  as  well  as making
It relevant and accessible for everyone so that they are able to enjoy optimum entertainment at our  theatres  all  the  time.”

Guess our new hang out place will be at Century Square for all our screen needs. How about you?

Written by Dawn Teo
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