ShoutOUT! National Museum of Singapore Turns 130!

The National Museum of Singapore (NMS) will celebrate its 130th birthday from 13-15 October. As part of the festivities, NMS will host interactive tours, art installations, music performances and even a cupcake giveaway. Click here for the entire programme.

“For our birthday weekend, we invite visitors to get to know the museum better, re-discover its fascinating history and architecture, its galleries…not just [as] the place to learn about Singapore’s cultural and historical heritage, but also the place to celebrate our shared stories,” said NMS Director Angelita Teo.

Mirrors, sound, and dance are some of the elements elevated in five newly commissioned installations at the museum. The interactive works, including SONICconversation by Zul Mahmod and Pondok Irama by NADA, offer visitors new ways of experiencing and displacing the museum.

The existing Story of the Forest installation will be further layered with three botanical scents by Givaudan. As visitors stroll through the digital forest inspired by drawings from the William Farquhar Collection, their senses of smell, sight, sound, and movement are engaged and fascinated.

Through a collaboration with PRESENCE Pictures, NMS will kickstart a Little Artists for Virtual Reality (VR) programme. Young visitors would be able to learn about the basics of virtual reality and to imagine their future museum and cartoon Museum Buddy.

“As we look forward to the future, one thing is for sure – the National Museum will endeavour to be relevant and resonate with its visitors,” shared Teo.

All in all, head down to the NMS this weekend to re-connect with and re-imagine Singapore history. Celebrate the work of the NMS through the generations and the stories they collect. 

Admission for the National Museum of Singapore 130th Anniversary Celebrations is free. Selected programmes are ticketed.
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