STOP10 Sep 2017: 'Rayqal' by Sufyan Sa'man

Two Silver Films were commissioned for the upcoming Silver Arts festival. In Sufyan Sa'man's Rayqal, a hot-headed young musician is determined to pursue his musical dreams despite his father’s wishes. With a stroke of luck, he discovers that his grandfather was once the front man of a band alongside his longtime friends, and embarks on a musical journey with them that earns him more than he could ever expect..

In this STOP10 interview, we caught up with Sufyan about his film. 

How did the idea for Rayqal come about? Was it always intended to be a film about music?

The idea was mainly to find something that lets the older generation connect with young millennials and I feel that music is the best way for two different generations to come together and indulge in their passion.

While you were conceiving and making this film, were you always conscious that it was for the Silver Films festival? Did that guide your decisions in any way?

Keeping the main objective in mind, I feel it is imperative to champion the Pioneer generation through this film, however I didn't feel that it was restrictive nor did it effect my direction for the film.

How long was the filming process? Were there any memorable moments during the production? Any major challenges?

The production was shot in two days and the most memorable moment was when we were filming at the kopitiam, and there was this little girl, about 5 years old, who was curious and kept appearing in our shot as she was peeking behind the pillar. So I called her over and asked her to sit with me behind the monitor.

Most recently, you directed, co-produced and co-wrote ‘The Red Packet’, which won Overall Best Film at this year's ciNE65. How was that experience? Do you see any connection between what you did there and in Rayqal?

It was a great honour and experience to have been awarded the Best Film and Best Direction for Cine65 in the open category. As for connection-wise, I feel this film is also a connection of different races coming together as we see how the grandfather comes together with his childhood friends, Uncle Sammy and Uncle Teck.

Any last comments on your experience making Rayqal?

I am truly blessed and appreciative of all the support and help I've received throughout the production of this shoot. I hope the audience will enjoy this film as much as my team and I did during the filming process.

Films Selection (Total running time; 90 mins)

Happy To See You Too 死了,走了,不了 (Commissioned for Silver Arts 2017)
By Yee Chang Kang
50 years is a long time. Two long-lost friends become re-acquainted after a chance encounter at the neighbourhood clinic. All told in a light-hearted manner, we hear snippets of their lives and catch a glimpse of their feisty characters—of how they were all young once.

Rayqal (Commissioned for Silver Arts 2017)
By Sufyan Sam’an
Rayqal is determined to make his musical dreams come true. However, his bad temper leaves him without a band to play with for a highly-anticipated competition. In a stroke of luck, he discovers his grandfather was once the frontman of a band.

After Taste 回味
By Rebecca Ng
None of Dennis' relatives realise that the porridge he cooks is taught to him by Ah Ping, a  porridge seller whom the family patronised loyally till the shop closed. As Dennis observes them bustling about during tomb-sweeping, he recalls the connection to his Ah-Ma through porridge-making.

A Day’s Reunion 圆
By Png Zhen Yu
Having gotten off work early, Yi-De, a blue-collared worker, decides to go back home to visit his family. A home where he has not been back for a while.

The Veiled Willow 柳影袈裟
By Eva Tang
Chef Tam is leaving the household to work in a restaurant. Only the loyal maid-servant Sister Lau is left to take care of Second Grandma, who is faced with loneliness after her family has moved out. It is her wish for Sister Lau to marry Tam. Unfortunately, theirs is a generation who carry the burden of unspoken heartaches to themselves.

Showtimes and Ticketing for Silver Films

Fri, 1 Sep 7.30pm GV Suntec
Sat, 9 Sep 2.00pm GV Suntec
Tue, 12 Sep 2.30pm GV Tampines
Sat, 16 Sep 2.00pm GV Plaza
Sat 23 Sept 2.00pm GV Vivo
Sun 24 Sept 2:00pm GV Bishan

Tickets available at Golden Village via or GV ticketing counters from 17 Aug onwards
Public: $6 per ticket; Senior Citizen Concession (aged 55 and above): $3 per ticket, available only via GV ticketing counters.
Prices stated exclude GV ticket booking charges (if applicable).

Organised by the National Arts Council since 2012, Silver Arts is an annual festival that collaborates with artists, arts organisations and community partners to integrate the arts into the lifestyles of seniors. From performances to workshops, seniors can showcase their creative talents through co-created content or learn a new skill, enhancing their overall well-being. The festival offers opportunities for seniors to share their stories that shape our collective memories, and forge stronger inter-generational understanding. For more information on Silver Arts, visit

Written by Colin Low

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