STOP10 May 2017: Going Military. On ciNE65

In the fourth season of the ciNE65 Short Film Competition, filmmakers were invited to share their take on the theme “Home • Truly” through a 3-minute film. Naturally, this theme would hardly be complete without a good dose of SAF-related films. Here are five we have picked out for you:

They are Coming (watch the film)
Unique feature: These NSFs are ready to fight... against a zombie apocalypse.
Strength(s): A fun genre spin on the usual NS fare, with convincing make-up/set design.
Weakness(es): A zombie fight scene gets overtaken by a propagandistic voiceover.
Action rating: 3/5. Relies on slow-mo and cutaways when the sh*t hits the fan.
REDCON status: REDCON-1. If zombies in your kopitiam don't motivate you to fight, nothing will.

Ang Ku Kueh (watch the film)
Unique feature: Maybe the only NS-related film set at the optometrist's.
Strength(s): The most colour-saturated film on this list, starting with the snack of the title!
Weakness(es): Do many NS enlistees worry about colour blindness?
Action rating: 0/5. Unless you count falling and scraping your elbow, in which case, 1/5.
REDCON status: REDCON-4. Eye exam only what. Fail also won't die.

Ang Teng Kee (watch the film)
Unique feature: A full-blown urban action sequence. People get shot in the head.
Strength(s): Sometimes you just want to see a military shoot-out. Here you go.
Weakness(es): The non-fight scenes are kinda draggy, and aren't composed dynamically.
Action rating: 4/5. People get shot. In the head.
REDCON status: REDCON-3. The action sequence also only in the protagonist's head.

Generations (watch the film)
Unique feature: A girl grows up wanting to be an Air Force pilot. Yay women!
Strength(s): Less testosterone-laden than your usual SAF promo film. Prettily shot.
Weakness(es): Still basically your usual SAF promo film.
Action rating: 0/5. Unless you count wake-boarding in a pond, in which case, 1/5.
REDCON status: REDCON-4. Pretty shots of wake-boarding guarantees minimum alert.

With My Life (watch the film)
Unique feature: Set in a dystopian Singapore at war in 2045.
Strength(s): Another fun genre spin on the usual NS fare. Again, nice make-up/set design!
Weakness(es): The family drama is a tad forced and overwrought.
Action rating: 3/5. A brief burst of artillery fire. Even worse: theme parks no longer exist.
REDCON status: REDCON-2. Still got time to lepak on the battlefield, look at family photos.

Watch the rest of the ciNE65 IV entries on the ciNE65 YouTube channel.

Written by Colin Low

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