SINdie Magazine Issue 2 Out Now!

It is hard to believe that scarcely four months have passed in the year of 2017; time veritably takes a sprint in periods of great upheaval, and it is often in the midst of action that we realise, to our great surprise later, that the world has quietly and irrevocably changed beyond recognition.

In four months time, Kirsten Tan has shed the rising star status bestowed upon her by the media, and became a star in her own right - a right that is rightly conferred with two big wins in the global arena, Sundance and Rotterdam, for her electrifying debut, Pop Aye. In this issue, we spoke to her at length about her life and artistry, and how her life informed her craft.

In four months time, Tan Pin Pin has quietly finished her new work , In Time To Come, and made preparations for its premieres in, amongst two other countries, Switzerland and Brazil, where it would compete in the Visions du Réel and the É Tudo Verdade. We would not, unfortunately, be talking to her in this issue, but it would do good to remain hopeful.

In four months time, the filmmaker-cum-entrepreneur Chai Yee Wei has partnered with iTunes, to make a current roster of at least ten local production available on the platform with his new venture, the content aggregator, A Little Seed.

In the grand scheme of things, four months, as with us, are nothing. But for us who exists within this period, four months is quite a big deal indeed.

In this issue, one can find a small collection of the past, present, and future of film in Singapore. We hope you enjoy it.

Read issue 2 here.
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