ShoutOUT! 48 Hours Film Project happening 21 to 23 April!

Fates sealed in a dim sum basket - film submissions from the 2016 48 Hour Film Project (photo:*SCAPE)



Here is your chance to take part in this year's 48 hour Film Project FOR FREE!
(Usual price is $100 per team)

A total of 2 team slots will be given away for free.


(all team members must like the FB pages)

2. Share the post 

3. Tag your dream team fr the project!

Contest closes on Tuesday, 18 April 2017


The 48 Hour Film Project Singapore will be happening again in Singapore! On the weekend of 21st till 23rd April 2017, filmmakers will write, shoot and edit a 4 to 7 minutes short film! The winning film will win SGD1,000 in cash as well as other prizes. The winning film will go up against films from around the world at Filmapalooza 2018 for a chance at the grand prize and an opportunity to screen at the Cannes Film Festival 2018, Court M├ętrage.

On 21st April, Friday night, all teams will draw a pair of genres from a hat and choose either or a combination of both. The teams will be given a character, a prop and a line of dialogue that must be included within their films.

They are then required to go produce the short film and submit them by 23rd April, Sunday night, within a 48-hour window!

The winners will be announced over the following weekend, on 29th April.

You can also catch their films at the exclusive premiere screening held in *SCAPE Gallery on 29th April as well!

The 48 Hour Film Project, now in it’s 17th year, is a global event that takes place in more than 130 cities around the world. The 2017 Singapore Edition is proudly organised by Sinema.SG and *SCAPE with support from National Youth Council, Singapore.

Sinema Media is the official 48 Hour Film Project Singapore organiser since 2013.

Here's a look at the event last year!

48 Hour Horror Film Project Singapore
Filmmaking Weekend:​ 21st April to 23rd April
Kickoff Event:​ 21st April, 8.00pm at *SCAPE Gallery, Level 5
Drop-off Event:​ 23rd April 8.00pm at *SCAPE Gallery, Level 5
Ticketing Link:​ ​  

Regular Price (by 20th April):​ $103/team
Late/At-the-door Price (on 21st April):​ $153/team
Premiere Screenings:​ 29th April at *SCAPE Gallery, Level 5
Prize Presentation and Networking Party:​ 29th April at *SCAPE Gallery, Level 5

The entry 'Saving Alex' swept the awards at the 2016 48 Hour Film Project
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