STOP10 Feb 2017: 'Siew Lup' by Sam Loh

Having made waves with his debut The Outsider, and his sophomore Lang Tong, filmic enfant terrible Sam Loh returns to the sexy and the macabre with the second entry to his femme fatale trilogy, Siew Lup.

When Mia, an ex-prostitute trapped in a loveless marriage with the abusive butcher Quan, meets sensitive funeral director Wu, their mutual passion escalates into an affair. However, the plot only thickens from here on; the path to true love is fraught with jealousy, and sooner or later, someone is forced into making a deadly move...

Inspired by genre films of East Asia like Takashi Miike's Audition and Kim Jee-woon's I Saw the Devil, Sam Loh's third cinematic outing is a sleek and devilish ride into an erotic and ultraviolent side of Singapore that you will never see.

The film stars Melody Low, who caught the attention of Singapore's social media sphere with her ample assets when she appeared in Ah Boys to Men star Tosh Zhang's SG50 tribute music video Lingo Lingo. However, Melody will not be the one stripping. Instead, it is her co-star Rebecca Chen who does the brave job. Rebecca is a professional nightclub dancer. They act opposite Sunny Pang, a regular face on Singapore cinema and Louis Wu, who has also appeared in several movies.

Check out the pictures from the press conference held on 20 Match.

Director Sam Loh

From left to right: Director Sam Loh, Melody Low, Rebecca Chen and Sunny Pang

Melody Low

Too close for comfort?

Rebecca Chen

 Rebecca Chen performed a dance at the press conference

Sunny Pang

Read our interview with director Sam Loh, our very first cover guy for SINdie Magazine, here.

Siew Lup is produced by mm2 Entertainment, and would be out in cinemas in Singapore on 23 February.

Written by Alfonse Chiu

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