STOP10 Feb 2017: 'Closer Apart (團圓)' by Jason Lee

Closer Apart is a bittersweet family drama that brings to the table how familial relationships are important in everyday life. It is a reminder of simply how easy it is to take something, or someone, for granted. Capturing the moments of how absence highlights the importance of someone in our lives, this is a journey of self-reflection and letting go.

This film is selected as part of Viddsee’s Chinese New Year special – Drama At The Dinner Table. It is a collection of films that places the spotlight on Asian Families this new year from around the region. Having won the Viddsee Shortee Award in October 2014, it is no surprise that this short film of 13 minutes will make its reappearance on this channel.

Just like its name suggests, Closer Apart follows the journey of an aged father’s lost connection with his own family. As he drifts further and further away from the individuals he used to call home, will they even notice or is this just part and parcel of growing up?

The writer and director Jason Lee used plenty of close-up shots to tell the story, creating a sense of intimacy with the characters and immersing the viewer into the situation, eventually giving the film an appropriately pensive atmosphere.

If there is another reason to watch the film, it is seeing comedian Henry Thia for the first time in a serious role. We think he does quite a mean job in looking sombre for change!

This is definitely a short film that most Singaporean families may relate to, especially during this festive season. Perhaps, it might also make you rethink your own relationship with your family.

Catch “Closer Apart (團圓)” by Jason Lee on Viddsee.

Written by Dawn Teo

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