STOP10 Jan 2017: 'Ways of Seeing' by Jerrold Chong

A recent addition to Viddsee's stable of films and part of Viddsee's recently-launched Singapore Film Channel is Ways of Seeing, directed by Jerrold Chong, whose CV includes an internship on the film Anomalisa.

Ways of Seeing is a visually striking claymation short film following two strangers who are visually impaired. The precise use of color and movement in the piece is powerful in evoking sensations as the two characters recount to one another their memories of their younger selves. One, a woman born blind and another, a man who loses his sight in his adolescence.

Whilst the visual design is evocative, it is also married with beautiful sound design and music as memories of the beach and forests are fully realized with sound through the stories recollected and narrated by the characters.

This study of perception and communication, told in cubist and expressionistic styles conveys touching emotions and a sense of mystery, as we are carried along by ideas and recollections of imagined and perceived sensations of its abstracted clay characters. A further charm is just how tactile it feels, going back to the glory of stop motion, with beautiful rough ‘flaws’, a stark difference against your calculated glossy Hollywood CG work.

Whilst relatively short, running only for 4 minutes, all of the elements in the film are still thematically focused and poignantly realised.

Director/animator Jerrold Chong graduated in 2016 with a BFA in Animation at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts.) Currently based in Singapore, Jerrold has interned at Zhao Wei Films, assisting on live-action feature films including Eric Khoo’s In The Room and Boo Junfeng’s Apprentice. He also interned on the Charlie Kaufman film ‘Anomalisa.’

Catch “Ways of Seeing” by Jerrold Chong on Viddsee.

Written by Rifyal Giffari

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