ShoutOUT!: Last chance to see film doctors at the Armernian Clinic

Like how we recommended a Singapore film for every occasion when the year started, the is a film for every problem too! Your job sucks? Early mid-life crisis? Heart stolen or broken? Come see a film doctor at the Armenian Clinic.
Armenian Clinic is a free weekend clinic for all ages that prescribes films as alternative medicine for the soul. Ten Singaporean filmmakers are serving as shrinks-in-residence to treat your various crises.
Each filmmaker will prescribe a healing film during an individual and personalised consultation. The clinic also features an in-house dispensary with state-of-the art therapy stations so you can watch your prescribed film right away. Even the set up of the venue reminds you of old-school clinics in Singapore, yet the organisers have also created a space cosy enough for the consultation to take place.
The Armenian Clinic was initiated by Selene Yap, The Substation programme manager, and Jeremy Chua, local screen writer and film producer.
The Armenian Clinic is open on Thursday and Friday from 6pm to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 8.30pm. This is its last week. You can book the one-to-one therapy sessions from its website
The upcoming therapy sessions are with filmmakers Sherman Ong and K Rajagopal this weekend.
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