Crowdfunding Call: 'It has to do with me' by Edwin Ho


A desert town.

Reuben is rich, smart, beautiful, experienced in drugs and disaffection. It’s the summer after high school, and what should be an endless pool party is ruined by the presence of Leandro, his mother’s new toy-boy boyfriend. There is just not enough place in the mansion for both of them. Reuben looks for refuge in Lucas, the pool boy, his latest object of desire, as well as Valerie, his best friend and long time property. But things do not go well with the two of them after some partying, drinks and an unknown drug in the desert. Pushed to the edge and filled with the anger of losing his possessions, Reuben has a first hand encounter with the devil inside him. 

And some doors, once opened, cannot be closed.

It Has To Do With Me is a Columbia University Thesis Film for the Film Directing MFA Program, directed by Singaporean Edwin Ho and written by Antonio Luco B. The short is based on Antonio's feature screenplay: The Devil's Dust. The film is meant to be a teaser short to develop the feature. The film will be produced by Steven Chua and co-produced by Sola Fasehun.

The film is currently raising money through crowdfunding and to-date has raised US$2,320 by 36 backers out of its US$15,000 target. 

Find out more about the crowdfunding campaign in this video here:

An Indiegogo Campaign: It Has To Do With Me from Edwin H on Vimeo.

Check out the mood trailer for the film here:

A Mood Trailer: It Has To Do With Me from Edwin H on Vimeo.

When will it done and Where will it be screened?

The film will be fully done by Spring 2017. It will have it’s premiere at the Internationally Renowned Lincoln Center during the Columbia University Film Festival. It will be the 30th  Annual Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF), with a week-long program of screenings, screenplay and teleplay readings and special panels in New York. The festival will also continue with events to be announced for June 2017 in Los Angeles. The team plans to also send this film into festivals around the world to get the most traction as much as possible and further develop this into the feature.

Your Contributions

Your contributions will help fund the production in hiring of the cast and crew, welfare of the cast and crew, locations hiring, equipment, transportation, other logistical cost and post-production.

You can also help by liking and sharing the Indiegogo campaign or the film's facebook page
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