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Sleepless Night With Bamboo Wife (Directed by Lee Seung Ju)
From 7 to 10 September, the Asian Film Focus (AFF), presented by Objectifs, will showcase cutting edge films based on a thematic approach from the region. With screenings and dialogue sessions with Asian programmers and filmmakers, the programme strives to promote dialogue and exchange between players in the Asian independent film industries, their audiences, and their peers.

This year, AFF will feature films from South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
Theme: Youth Today
Situated in the transitional period between childhood and adulthood, many Asian youths today live in environments saturated with media and technology that are also bound by traditional attitudes. As such, we hope to explore ideas about what it means to be a youth in an Asian society at present. What are their aspirations and fears? Do youths today share the same concerns as previous generations? What is the impact of Asia’s obsession with youth?  Through looking at the differences and similarities of youth culture across Asian societies, the programme hopes to then connect to broader issues and concerns in contemporary Asia.

This theme will be explored through short films that have been selected by curators from the focus countries. The curators are:
Teresa Kwong (Hong Kong)
Pimpaka Towria (Thailand)
Leong Puiyee (Singapore)
Vanessa Yun (South Korea)

The Tiger of 142B (Directed by Henry & Harry Zhuang)

Ticketing De
Tickets are $5 per screening. To purchase tickets, please go to:
Tickets are also available at the door before each film screening.
The Dialogue Sessions are free.
For more info about AFF:

Youth Today: Short Films
Film Screening / 7 Sept, Wednesday, 830pm / 107 min
Tickets here:
There will be a post screening Q&A session

The Tiger of 142B by Henry and Harry Zhuang / 11 min / Singapore / PG13
A young unemployed man has difficulty communicating with his girlfriend. As he struggles to cope with his fragile state of mind, a series of mysterious killings unsettles the residents of Block 142B. Some claimed to have seen a tiger roaming at the estate. Adapted from Dave Chua’s short story ‘The Tiger of 142B’ from the book ‘The Beating and Other Stories’.And Life Goes On by Sham Ka-Ki / 19:30 min / Hong Kong / M18
Molding by Ng Chak-hang / 4 min / Hong Kong / PG
Throughout our lives, we learn by imitating other people. Children imitate the behaviour of adults. Every saying, clothing, reading material, and habit penetrates into our everyday lives, slowly and surely turning you and I into the same assembly-line product.329 by Tinnawat Chankloi / 17 min / Thailand / PG13
The students of an isolated school are bound by ten strange rules. They are made to follow the rules without any questions. One day, student 329 decided to rebel and break away.Waiting to Drown by Nick Cheuk / 30 min / Hong Kong
Chak is a sentimental boy who enjoys indulging in his imaginary world. Ellen is an imaginative girl who likes to talk to her soft toy hippo. When Ellen vanished into thin air, her secret admirer Chak, feeling heartbroken, decided to totally forget about her and starts falling in love with Yan. But Chak slowly realised that his dream should be Ellen, the girl who has a vivid imagination like him. Yet, what Chak has to face is the brutal reality.Before I Grow Up by Jun Sup Lee / 26 min / South Korea

Film Screening / 8 Sept, Thursday, 830pm / 83 min
Tickets here:
There will be a post screening Q&A session
Scouting Report by Choi Byungkwon / 11 min / South Korea / PG13
Somewhere Only We Know by Wichanon Somumjarn / 20 min / Thailand / PG13
untry girl who has come to work in Bangkok, and is unfazed by political unrest and clashes in the streets. Then, her ex-boyfriend shows up suddenly. After he leaves, Bee starts to get ready for her nighttime job.
Talk to Bear by Tse Cheuk-fung, Poon Lok-wan / 5 min / Hong Kong
A time in the future when everybody owns a TELE-TALK BEAR that helps to relate messages to specific targets. Unfortunately Ah Fung’s TELE-TALK BEAR is out of order and brings about a lot of miscommunication. After this, Ah Fung realizes that communication is not merely the transmission of words.The Trams The Mountains And The Family Photos by Ghazi Alqudcy / 10 min / Singapore
A young man decides to visit Sarajevo to search for something that could inspire him. Instead, he meets the trams, the mountains and finds a stack of family photos.Violet Moon by Rinrada Pornsombutsatien / 22 min / Thailand
A hairstylist acquires mythical powers after she dyes her hair purple.Wake Up by Yoo Jee Hyeon / 15 min / South Korea

Film Screening / 9 Sept, Friday, 730pm / 99 min
Tickets here:
There will be a post screening Q&A session.
Last Summer by Dapho Moradokphana / 19 min / Thailand / PG
I Am Not A Superhero by Jonathan Tam / 21 min / Hong Kong / PG13
A story about a teenage superhero’s life in Hong Kong.3 Seconds by Martin Hong / 14 min / Singapore / PG
A girl drugs her lover with goldfish food in an attempt to make him forget the problems in their relationship.Passenger by Tang Kang Sheng / 19 min / Singapore / PG
Zhenhui and Minyi run into each other at a class gathering during their final  year. Through the night they rekindle the past and there are hints of romantic interest between the both of them. However it is unable to progress because something hangs over them and they quickly realise that what they have with each other will expire.Mrs. Young by Bang Woori / 26 min / South Korea

Film Screening / 10 Sept, Saturday, 1pm  / 89 min
Tickets here:
There will be a post screening Q&A session.
That Day of the Month by Jirassaya Wongsutin / 30 min / Thailand / NC16
Open Sky by Tan Jingliang / 18 min / Singapore / PG
Two friends reconnect at their childhood haunts in the heartlands. As the night lengthens, their conversations draw out how they have deviated from their dreams through the course of life.Don’t Just Dream, Do! by Gurung George, Kandal Satish, Bishwokarma Bipin, Gurung Subin / 12 min / Hong Kong / PG
Two brothers are deeply passionate about singing and free-running, but they are far less talented than they think. One day they suddenly wake up with the abilities they have always boasted about, however they later face a huge disappointment.Sleepless Night With Bamboo Wife by Lee Seung Ju / 29 min / South Korea

Special Programme: Power of Asian Cinema
Power of Asian Cinema is a documentary series co-produced by KBS Busan Headquarters and the Busan International Film Festival. Comprised of ten episodes, the series aims to improve our understanding of Asian cinema as well as to ascertain its growth and bright future. Each episode covers films and history of cinema of a different Asian country. From his/her own perspective, the filmmaker looks into the past and the present of the cinema in one’s country. Under this Special Programme, the documentaries from Thailand, Kazakhstan and South Korea will be screening at Asian Film Focus.

Power of Asian Cinema / 10 Sept, Saturday, 5pm to 9pm
5pm: The Scala by Aditya Assarat / 60 min / Thailand / PG
630pm: The Story of Kazakh Cinema - Underground of Kazakhfilm by Adilkhan Yerzhanov / 52 min / Kazakhstan / PG
Tickets here: film director and an actor have worked till midnight at a film studio. A security guy locked all doors and so now our heroes have to look for an exit, walking through the studio and meeting various people on their way – famous Kazakh film directors, film critics and just strangers, who start discussing, suggesting, arguing, threatening, and chasing them. And this all leads to discovering and understanding what makes up the cinematic language of Kazakh filmmakers.8pm: Memory in Cinema by Choi Yeoung Song / 53 min / South Korea

Dialogue Sessions
Join us as we discuss this year’s AFF theme with filmmakers, film curators, and writers.
8 Sept, 7pm: Capturing the essence of youth: The Image and Representation in Asian Cinema
10 Sept, 3pm: “When you grow up, your heart dies” – Cinematic representations of youth across the ages

Somewhere Only We Know (Directed by Wichanon Somumjarn)
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