Lasalle College Of The Arts Avant Premiere 2016, BA(Hons) Film Graduation Showcase - Event Shout Out

Graduates from film schools enter the industry year after year and one institution stands out from the rest - Lasalle College Of The Arts Puttnam School of Film. Its illustrious alumni include directors such as Boo Junfeng, Jow Zhi Wei and He Shu Ming. This May, Lasalle College Of The Arts Puttnam School Of Film presents seven shorts from the BA(Hons) Film Graduating Year of 2016.

Here are descriptions of the films presented:

Somewhere Only We Know -

This film focuses on the relationship between 3 secondary school classmates and how an incident influenced the lives of these boys.

An identifiable story for many of us, the film is supported by a strong cast of actors, and pacing that showcases the skills of the director and editing choices. An interesting film questioning the frailty of life and the strong bond of friendship.

Blind Alley

When a school girl is sexually assaulted, a intellectually disabled cleaner is put on trial for the deed. The cleaner's fate now lies in the hands on his lawyer and the court. Most note worthy for the stand out performance by its lead actor.


Tulacy is an observational documentary capturing the life of Tulacy, a seventy eight year old male to female transgendered woman.

The director touched on critical issues faced by Tulacy through providing strong relatable experiences for the audience.  The film provided great insight into a woman fraught with a difficult past.

Block 427

Kenneth, a blogger, discovers the murder of his neighbour Mr Tan. He takes it upon himself to solve the murder but uncovers a truth he may not be prepared to accept.

A mix of dark comedy and thriller flick, the film provided great comedy pacing interwoven with sharp dialogue that provided a few chuckles.


Faiyaz, a Bangladeshi worker in Singapore, faces the harsh realities of working overseas and the implications of his choices as his situation gets progressive dire with each passing day. A particularly relevant theme for Singapore today, it showcases the difficulties that foreign workers face in a land far away from home.

Searching For Wives

Partha, a foreign worker from South India, sends a photo of himself back to India in the hopes of finding a wife. This documentary focuses on modern day matchmaking for Indian men and women.

A light hearted documentary, it focuses on the charismatic character of  Partha by painting a clear picture of the predicament he is in.

Ave Maria

Emilio, a Filipino school teacher travels to Singapore in search of his wife. His search leads him through a journey of realization that he may not ever find her. Noted for an impressive performance by its lead actor who truly embodied the character's journey.

Avant Premiere by Lasalle College Of The Arts, showcased a line of new filmmakers ready to hit the industry who no doubt would only grow and improve as they hone and refine their storytelling skills. I look forward to watching the future films they bring onto screens.

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(*After reading various comments, I decided to consult various attendees and reviewers and have decided to edit this piece. I apologise if any of my opinions came across as too dismissive or hurried, and I will continue to work better on reviews in future.*)


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