[Review] The Anniversary by Team Zissou, for the 48HFP (Singapore)

The predecessor to all film competitions with a time limit, the 48 Hour Film Project (HFP) made its yearly visit to Singapore last December 2015, and Team Zissou made a record-breaking debut, sweeping away most of the awards such as Best Film, Best Directing, Best Use of Prop and the Audience Award (For Group A).

A stipulated genre, line, prop and character had to be utilized in the submission of a maximum of 7 minutes within 48 hours, certainly stretching the participating teams’ creativity and stamina to the limit. Suffice to say, Team Zissou, led by director and writer Leo Poloneiki, who is a commercials director at FreeFlow Productions, applied his professional touch to the game, making their submission, “The Anniversary” come off as one real smooth thriller masterpiece with loads of ingenuity peppered into it.

Set in a dilapidated shopping centre, a nervous middle-aged Caucasian lady seeks to sell a property, a building she lauds as a historical landmark. Elsewhere, a spirit detective tests the air for beings of the netherworld; the sale of the building dependent on his findings. A film with adaptation of all elements of your usual thriller/horror feast, Leo admits the similarities The Anniversary share with The Shining (By Stanley Kubrick) as purposeful and calculated, such as the adopting of the “one-point perspective”.

And Mr Kubrick would be rightfully pleased! The Anniversary even leaves its viewer hanging with the non-conclusion at the end, like any good short film would. To watch The Anniversary, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1HWW1BHygo 

Photo credit: 48HFP

By Gwen X
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