ShoutOUT!: Watch 8 short films from 13 Little Pictures this Saturday under the stars

Lei Yuan Bin's 'An Autumn Afternoon'

Presented as part of Singapore Art Week (16–24 January 2016), 13 Little Pictures, a filmmaking collective, will showcase 8 short films, including 3 new works this coming Saturday. The new works are Lei Yuan Bin's 'An Autumn Afternoon', Liao Jiekai's 'Silent Light' and ' Yeo Siew Hua's 'The Minotaur'.

Yeo Siew Hua's 'The Minotaur'

Liao Jiekai's 'Silent Light'

Tan Bee Thiam's 'Kopi Julia'

Here are the details:
Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
LASALLE College of the Arts, Green, 1 McNally St, Singapore
All welcome. Admission is free
Refreshments from 7:30 pm.
Screening starts 8:00 pm

Programme (1 hr 25 min)

1. Tan Bee Thiam, Kopi Julia, 2013, digital video, black and white, silent, 7:04 minutes

2. Sherman Ong, Tickets, 2010, digital video, colour, sound, 10:20 minutes

3. Wesley Leon Aroozoo, A lion’s pride, 2008, digital video, colour, sound, 8:07 minutes

4. Gladys Ng, My father after dinner, 2015, digital video, colour, sound, 15:38 minutes

5. Daniel Hui, Animal spirits, 2013, 16 mm film, colour, sound, 8:54 minutes

6. Lei Yuan Bin, An autumn afternoon, 2015, digital video, colour sound, 9:17 minutes

7. Liao Jiekai, Silent light, 2015, 16 mm film, colour, sound, 11:45 minutes 

8. Yeo Siew Hua, The minotaur, 2015, high-definition digital video, colour, sound, 13:00 minutes

13 Little Pictures supports independent filmmaking through ideas, collaboration and production support. Since its founding in 2009, it has organized three regional film labs and produced twenty-seven films.

Celebrating six years of the collective, the screening features experimental films of mystery, including 'Silent light' (2015), a new work shot entirely on 16 mm film by Liao Jiekai, and 'Kopi Julia' (2013), a tribute to 1950s Malay horror films by Tan Bee Thiam. The films will be presented on a 6-metre wide outdoor sheltered cinema screen underneath the stars.

Featuring films by Wesley Leon Aroozoo, Daniel Hui, Lei Yuan Bin, Liao Jiekai, Gladys Ng, Sherman Ong, Tan Bee Thiam and Yeo Siew Hua. Curated by 13 Little Pictures and Melanie Pocock, Assistant Curator, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore.

Catch a trailer of the showcase here:

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Lastly, enjoy this mesmerising trailer of Lei Yuan Bin's 'An Autumn Afternoon'. 
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