ShoutOUT!: The Women in Film & Photography Showcase at Objectifs

This Oct-Nov, Objectifs celebrates the strength, diversity and incredible talent of Women filmmakers and photographers from Asia, with a photography group show and film screenings. 

Objectifs will be featuring the works of 25 Asian women photographers and filmmakers. The showcase, while by no means a complete survey of the region, provides an insight into some of the concerns of women artists. The stories reflect the diversity and complexity of issues and themes explored by Asian women photographers and filmmakers in recent years. 

Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase (AWPS)

Works for the AWPS were selected in an international open call process, and the selection reflects the diversity and complexity of issues pursued by Asian women photographers in recent years. The showcase is curated Yumi Goto (of Stronghold). 

Reminders Project and Photography

Participating photographers include:
Homayra Adiba | Bangladesh
Gayatri Ganju | India
Geraldine Kang | Singapore
Shuchi Kapoor | India
Lim Paik Yin | Malaysia
Liu Ying | Singapore
Nadia Jasmine Mahfix | Malaysia
Amak Mahmoodian | Iran
Nafise Motlaq | Iran
Wawi Navarroza | Philippines
Dina Oganova | Georgia
Prarunya Prapasai | Thailand 
Hannah Reyes | Philippines 
Lara T abet | Lebanon
Nicole Tung | Hong Kong 

Dennese Victoria | Philippines 
Feiyi Wen | China
Bernice Wong | Singapore 
Xiaoxiao Xu | China
Yang Yuanyuan | China 

Zhang Lijie | China
• • • • • • • • • •
Where: Objectifs Gallery
155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977

(Nearest MRT: Bras Basah, Bugis) When: 22 Oct to 29 Nov 2015
Tue to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun, 12pm to 4pm Free admission 

Women in Film

In this inaugural edition of Women in Film, the films of Singaporeans Kirsten Tan and Sun Koh, Thai Pimpaka Towira and Japanese Naoko Ogigami will be featured. These women filmmakers have been creating consistently great work through their careers, winning accolades for their films, and garnering acclaim at international film festivals and in their own respective countries.
A showcase of some of their key pieces will be showcased under Women in Film. These films offer a representation of their works thus far as filmmakers, from their first film to their latest. Ranging from short experimental films to feature documentaries, the films illustrate their unique voices and independent filmmaking spirit.

Some of the film highlights include:

Megane (dir. Naoko Ogigami)
Winner of the Manfred Salzberger Award at the 2008 Berlin Film Festival
A black comedy about a stressed out career woman who sets out on a vacation to a sparsely populated island where everybody is wearing glasses. With understated humour, the meticulously framed film observes how she learns to adapt to an almost surreal set of rules that govern the otherwise empty inn where she is staying. Naoko was recognised for “broadening the boundaries of cinema today” by the Berlin Film Festival.

One Night Husband (dir. Pimpaka Towira)
In competition, 2003 Berlin Film Festival, Pusan International Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival
The debut feature for Pimpaka, who is the first female Thai director to be noticed by international viewers and critics, and a pioneer in the Thai independent film scene since the early '90s. The Thai thriller is a teasing yarn about a smart young wife who finds herself in an emotional vacuum when her husband suddenly disappears.

Roxy & Susanne (dir. by Kirsten Tan)
World premiere
Kirsten Tan was featured in CNN International ‘Ones to Watch’ in 2015, and her recent short film is a documentary about Roxy and Susanne and their 40-year old love story. It will be making its world premeire screening at Women in Film!
Singapore Panda (dir. by Sun Koh) (picture above)
Rotterdam Film Festival 2014, Busan Film Festival 2014
A short film about immigration, Chinese diaspora and the present day globalization of Singapore. Sun Koh is a prolific short filmmaker, who made her debut in 2002 with the widely acclaimed The Secret Heaven.

A screening schedule can be found in Annex B.
Where: Objectifs Gallery
155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977
(Nearest MRT: Bras Basah, Bugis) When: 22 Oct to 29 Nov 2015
Tickets at $5, available at the door or for pre-purchase on
Please visit for programme and screening times. 


Opening Film Focus: Pimpaka Towira
22 Oct / Thursday / 8pm / PG
The Mother, 15 min
The Truth Be Told, 105 min
Screening followed by Q&A with Pimpaka Towira.

Short Films of Pimpaka Towira
23 Oct / Fri / 730pm / 114 min / Rating TBC Screening followed by Q&A with Pimpaka Towira.

Short Films of Kirsten Tan
24 Oct / Sat / 730pm / 90 min / M18 Screening followed by Q&A with Kirsten Tan.

Lucky 7 (executive produced by Sun Koh)
30 Oct / Fri / 730pm / 84 min / R21 Screening followed by Q&A with Sun Koh.

Kamome Diner dir. Naoko Ogigami
31 Oct / Sat / 730pm to 10pm / 102 min / PG

Short films of Sun Koh
5 Nov / Thur / 730pm / 85 min / R21 Screening followed by Q&A with Sun Koh.

Rent A Cat dir. Naoko Ogigami
6 Nov / Fri / 730pm / 110 min / PG

Toilet dir. Naoko Ogigami
7 Nov / Sat / 730pm / 109 min / Rating TBC

One Night Husband dir. Pimpaka Towira
12 Nov / Thursday / 730pm / 114 min / PG

Megane dir. Naoko Ogigami
13 Nov / Fri / 730pm / PG 
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