Something 'Unbelievable' is coming... Let's take a peek!

Not only has Mr Unbelievable become a viral hit on social media, unbelievably he has now a movie of his own which is slated for release on 3rd December 2015. For those who are not sure who Mr Unbelievable is, he is a kitschy, bell-bottomed pants wearing uncle played by Mediacorp actor Chen Tianwen who gave birth to the viral term 'stunned like vegetable'. Check out the original hit video here:

Starring the man himself, Chen Tianwen, the movie also features MediaCorp artiste Hong Hui Fang, veteran artiste Zhang Wei, and artiste Ezann Lee! Adding to the full list of star studded-cameo list includes singer/songwriter Jim Lim, celebrity blogger Hayley Woo, veteran artiste Zhang Wen Xiang, charming actor/singer Daren Tan and Malaysian actor Gadrick Chin.  Here is a visual scoop behind the scenes of the upcoming movie 'Mr Unbelievable'.
The man behind the scenes is director Ong Kuo Sin, who is also responsible for the ludicrous lyrics to the song.

With an estimated budget of S$1 million, Mr Unbelievable is produced by mm2 Entertainment and Clover Films, and co-sponsor  Vita Realm. Mr Unbelievable will be distributed by mm2 Entertainment, Clover Films and Shaw Organization in Singapore.
'It's a wrap!'

Roy Loi, Jamie Teo, Chen Tian Wen and Marcus Chin

 Ezann Lee putting on her Samsui woman costume

Looks kinda creepy when so many chairs are empty in front of a 7th month Chinese opera stage!
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