ShoutOUT!: Utter returns in 2015 with 5 new Animation Shorts

A roaming tiger in an estate, a visual ode to an invisible minority, a recurring carousel, haunting vignettes of an unknown girl, and a cat which has lived out all its nine lives… This August, Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) and The Filmic Eye present a captivating series of five animation short films adapted from original short stories and poetry by Singapore writers Alfian Sa’at, Amanda Lee Koe, Dave Chua, Chow Teck Seng and Vanessa Ng. Commissioned by the National Arts Council under Utter, a special SWF initiative that adapts Singapore writing into different media and across languages, the films are set to excite and intrigue audiences of all ages.

In this year’s edition, the written word meets the creative and aesthetic sensibilities of established and emerging animation directors from Singapore. Put together by award-winning animators Tan Wei Keong, Samantha Seah, Henry and Harry Zhuang, Ang Qing Sheng and Darran Kuah, each film portrays the animator’s unique adaptation styles and encourages greater appreciation for Singapore’s literature and animation.

SWF Festival Director, Yeow Kai Chai, says, “This year we are exploring the accessible genre of animation to bring to life some of Singapore’s best writings. It is also the first time that we have used a theme, Head Trips, so do look out for a common thread through the five pieces.” He added, “SWF has always been about more than static words on a page, and through Utter we look forward to broadening the appeal of our homegrown authors’ talents across different platforms.”

David Lee, producer of Utter 2015: Head Trips, says, “The Filmic Eye is thrilled to be given this opportunity to work with the NAC and SWF to produce this year’s Utter 2015. The theme of Head Trips opens up infinite possibilities especially in the medium of animation, and we hope that audiences can join us in discovering the diverse range of Singaporean creative works and talents presented.”

Eternality Tan, producer of Utter 2015: Head Trips, says, "We are blessed to be working with very talented homegrown animation directors with the artistic nous and vision to interpret the richness of Singapore literature, be it short story or poetry, in aural-visual ways. The five Utter animated shorts are highly distinct, and we hope the audiences will find them intriguing and enjoyable."

Dave Chua, one of the featured writers, says, ”I feel very honoured having my short story adapted by Henry and Harry Zhuang for Utter 2015. I have tried not to intrude too much or look over their very broad shoulders. I am sure the brothers have made an outstanding piece of work and will continue to build on their experience from this film.”

Darran Kuah, one of the featured animator, says, “Adapting Vanessa Ng's short story That Fat Cat Ate Dad’s Hat has given me new perspectives on Singaporean writers and their world. This story is developed from a cat lover's point of view and it fascinates me to read about her efforts to include all the detailed physical descriptions of each cat; its colour, fur type and all, and her great attention to detail of the human world from a cat's perspective.”

The completed five animation shorts will be screened to the public for the first time at GV Suntec from 28 to 30 August in three sessions, each followed by an extended post-screening dialogue with both the original writers as well as the animation directors.
Session times and dates as follow:

Friday 28th August - 7.30pm –GV Suntec Hall 6
*Post screening dialogue with Amanda Lee Koe, Samantha Seah, Chow Teck Seng and Ang Qing Sheng

Saturday 29th August - 7.30pm –GV Suntec Hall 1
*Post screening dialogue with Darran Kuah, Dave Chua, Henry and Harry Zhuang

Sunday 30th August - 5.00pm –GV Suntec Hall 1
*Post screening dialogue with Alfian Sa’at, Tan Wei Keong, Dave Chua, Henry and Harry Zhuang

Tickets sales are slated to be available on GV website and box office from 13 August 2015.

Tickets pricing 
- $12.50
- $10 discounted price for Students, NSF, Senior Citizens and Members of the Singapore Film Society

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For more information about previous editions of Utter:

On 22 August Saturday afternoon, there will be a panel discussion held in conjunction with *SCAPEMedia SPOTLIGHT, where Utter 2015 animators will be sharing their experiences in adapting their selected Singapore literary texts into animation.
Details and event registration:

List of Works

The Tiger of 142B 
Inspired by: The Tiger of 142B by Dave Chua
Published in The Beating and Other Stories (2011) by Ethos Books 
Author: Dave Chua
Animators:Henry & Harry Zhuang

The Great Escape 
Inspired by: The Great Escape by Alfian Sa’at
Published in The Invisible Manuscript (2012) by Math Paper Press 
Writer:  AlfianSa’at
Animator: Tan Wei Keong
Inspired by: Three short stories by Amanda Lee Koe – The Ballad of Arlene & Nelly, Flamingo Valley,Carousel & Fort
Published in Ministry of Moral Panic (2013) by Epigram Books. 
Author: Amanda Lee Koe
Animator: Samantha Seah Yu Er

5 Shades of Solitude 
Inspired by:  5 Shades of Solitude <<5种孤寂与静默>>                
A poem by Chow Teck Seng周德成
Published in the book The Story of You and Me《你和我的故事》by Chow Teck Seng (Lingzi Media; 2012) 
Author: Chow Teck Seng
Animator: Ang Qing Sheng

That Fat Cat Ate Dad’s Hat! 
Inspired by: That Fat Cat Ate Dad’s Hat! by Vanessa Ng
Published in the short story anthology From the Belly of the Cat by Math Paper Press (edited by Stephanie Ye) 
Author: Vanessa Ng
Animator: Darran Kuah
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