ShoutOut!: SG50 film rallies all to give back to Singapore through 7 letters

The highly-anticipated 7 Letters has gone beyond being an emotive anthology of Singapore stories by seven acclaimed directors, to be an invitation for everyone in Singapore to give back to the community.

Boo Junfeng, Eric Khoo, K Rajagopal, Jack Neo, Tan Pin Pin, Royston Tan, and Kelvin Tong – all award-winning filmmakers and familiar names in Singapore’s film industry – have pooled their creative storytelling and filmmaking talents in the one-of-a-kind project to present their unique interpretations of Singapore and the lives of its people.

7 Letters has been selected to be the first film to premiere at the Capitol Theatre next month. The seven directors have come to a unanimous decision that all proceeds from the three-day premiere screenings will go towards aiding specific causes in the community.

To widen this platform in aiding these worthwhile causes, all tickets for 7 Letters will not be priced. Instead, each ticketholder will be invited to make a donation of their own accord at the screenings.

Royston Tan, the project’s lead filmmaker, explained, “7 Letters is a heartfelt gift to Singapore by its creative arts community. We only got to where we are today because of the generous support and encouragement of the people around us. All seven of us know of many people among us that need our support to overcome their adversities too. They need help, and we hope that Singaporeans can be inspired by these dedicated organisations, and join us to extend a helping hand those in need around us. No amount is too small if it is from the heart.”

Royston also shared at a recent press conference that the directors were given full creative freedom to fully express their feelings and messages in the film, without intervention from MDA. While each was allocated a budget to make their segment of the film, the directors individually topped up any excess needed for production of our films, as the aim was to make the best piece of work they could. Of all 7 segments, Jack Neo's and Eric Khoo's segments received the most cuts. Gasp! Well, due to length, to be clear.

The gala screening of 7 Letters will take place over three nights from 24 to 26 July 20157 Letters is being made with the support of the Singapore Film Commission (SFC).

Ticketing will begin on 1 July 2015, via the official website, and is open to all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Here are some photos for a sneak peek into the 7 films within 7 Letters (In alphabetical order of director's name). Enjoy!

Directed by Boo Junfeng

Directed by Eric Khoo

Directed by Jack Neo

Directed by K Rajagopal

Directed by Kelvin Tong

Directed by Royston Tan

Directed by Tan Pin Pin

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