ShoutOUT!: Asian Panorama - Singapore Mavericks - 24 June

The Asian Film Archive presents another dialogue session under its reframe series called Asian Panorama: Singapore Mavericks. This is a roundtable dialogue with five Singaporean film directors who have displayed individualistic qualities and a fiercely independent mind in their cinematic pursuits.

This chosen panel represents a diverse cinematic palette whose bodies of works and recent representative film demonstrate such ethos.

They will be dissecting and touching base on issues such as

- The construct of a “Singaporean Cinema”
- The notion of a socialistic approach towards art-making
- Operating on the “peripheral”
- Philosophies and obstacles surrounding their brands of independent filmmaking in Singapore and beyond. 

The session provides an exclusive entry point to the minds of these filmmakers as they share their insights and concerns about the state of affairs with their craft and industry.

They are:

Daniel Hui (Snakeskin, 2014)

Kan Lumé (The Naked DJ, 2015)

Lynn Lee (Wukan: The Flame of Democracy, 2013)

Sam Loh (Lang Tong, 2014)

Tzang Merwyn Tong (Faeryville, 2015)
This is an event exclusively on the Asian Film Archive's Youtube Channel and the AFA REFRAME Facebook group.
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A flagship initiative by the Asian Film Archive, REFRAME is a series that aims to bring together diverse audiences and the film community through an innovative range of programmes, encouraging dialogue and examining topics surrounding cinema and the moving image.

By asking the hard questions and re-looking at trends and issues critically, the series hopes to construct meaningful frameworks that bring forth multi-perspective viewpoints and an increased appreciation of film and culture.
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