ShoutOUT!: SFS x GTWHI Film Exchange Programme 2015

The Singapore Film Society, organizer of the Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition, is pleased to co-operate with George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI), Penang, Malaysia, to organise a short film exchange programme in May 2015.

The Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition, and the Kaki Lima Short Film Competition, were both inaugurated in 2014.  Both competitions share a common objective to nurture up-and-coming filmmaking talents to document and make short films that celebrate the cultural and historical diversity and richness of both Singapore and Penang, respectively.

The objective of this Heritage Partnership is build a relationship to promote a cultural exchange of films.  Our common goals are to foster goodwill and long term friendship between the two organisations, so that we can work together in our efforts to raise heritage awareness of Penang and Singapore.

There will be three screenings each of the respective prize-winning works, firstly in Singapore, and followed by in Penang.  The screening locations reveal a desire to reach out to a wide community to watch and appreciate the heritage and culture of either cities. 

The Penang filmmakers and representatives will be in Singapore from 15 to 17 May.  They will attend a closed door screening of the Kaki Lima Short Films for the film and communication students of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. 

The Press is welcomed to attend this screening, and interview the visiting Kaki Lima filmmakers / representatives on 15 May, at either PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel (2pm to 3pm), or at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (6pm to 7pm) after the screening if you are interested. 

This will be followed by two public screenings at the following locations:

15 May, Friday, 8pm, Artistry Café (17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149)

16 May, Saturday, 10am, URA Centre, Function Room, Level 5 (45 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069118)

The screenings are free of charge and no registration is required.

The Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition enters its second edition in 2015.  We are still opened for entries of short films that portray Singapore’s rich heritage and culture.  Kindly visit the following site for more info:

For more information, please contact:
Chew Keng Kiat
Project Manager, Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition
Email Address:
Contact Number: +65 9790 3886


More about Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition

The first Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition was organised in 2014, by the Singapore Film Society, with the initial support of the National Heritage Board’s Heritage Participation Grant, as well as the Lee Foundation. 

The competition is targeted towards students and young talents, to encourage them to venture out and discover stories of heritage from the many associations and societies that have a long history in Singapore, of which they will have accumulated many rich stories and culture that resonates with the birth and growth of our nation and society.

The criteria of the competition is that participants need to be 30 years old and below.  The submitted short films are to be no longer than 10 minutes long.  A participating team can make up of 2 to 5 members, of which half or more needs to be Singaporeans, or have lived in Singapore for a reasonable period of time. 

The 2014 finalist films covered a wide range of heritage topics including Lorong Buangkok; a Taichi quan-practising father; aspects of Peranakan Culture; different types of Chinese Opera; a young people theatre troupe; and lion-dance troupes.   

The results of the first competition, and an award ceremony, took place on 24 July 2014, as part of the Singapore Heritagefest 2014.  This was followed by a succession of public screenings, at galleries, museums, libraries, and campuses, across the island, between August to December 2014.  These series of free screenings further encourage people from all walks of our communities, young and old, of different creed, gender and race, to watch these films in a communal experience.

The competition is organized again in 2015, with the support of the SG50 Celebration Fund, as well as the continuous support of the Lee Foundation, and the Chinese Language & Cultural Fund by the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association. 

The Penang trip to screen the Singapore Heritage Short Films in George Town is made possible with the support of the Singapore International Foundation. 

For more details, visit our:


More about Kaki Lima Short Film Competition

Kaki Lima Short Film Competition (KLSFC) is a cultural initiative by George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI), to provide filmmakers with a platform to express their creativity through film in the areas of heritage, arts and culture.  The aim of this competition is to unearth more young talent to capture the precious elements of Penang through film-making.

GTWHI was established by the Penang State Government as the State Heritage Agency in April 2010 to spearhead efforts to ensure that George Town’s legacy will not be lost.  It is an organisation dedicated to protecting, promoting and preserving George Town as a sustainable city. 

GTWHI organised the inaugural KLSFC in 2014, in conjunction with the Heritage Celebration 2014.  The aim of this competition is to create awareness for locals to conserve and protect George Town, and to ensure that the legacy of George Town is well-conserved.  As for GTWHI, it is also to promote the tangible and intangible culture and heritage of the community, as well as to unearth local talents and fully utilize their creativity in promoting and conserving their heritage. 

The winning filmmakers of both categories, as well as representatives of KLSFC and GTWHI, will be present at the Singapore screenings.  Their local stay is generously supported by PARKROYAL on Pickering, a PARKROYAL collection hotel. 

The KLSFC screenings in Singapore will comprise the following films:

Category A: Open

Grand Prize Winner: Irama Terakhir, by Ridzawan Abdullah
There are many Songkok Makers in Malaysia but he is the only one left in Penang.  He is still using the same old sewing machine that produce a rhythm that he heard since he was 12 years old.  The rhythm has become part of his life.  It is just like music to his soul, a rhythm that drives him to continue while the others are giving up.  He is the Last Songkok Maker in Penang.  Will the rhythm of his machine continue?

1st Runner Up:  Perhaps, You’re Still Unaware, by Hong Yan Yee
Magnificent views.  Charismatic locals.  Breath taking island.  Journey through this charming little island as a Penangnite offers his insight on the hidden marvels of Penang that are hiding in plain sight: the people of Penang …

2nd Runner Up:  My Island’s Best Kept Secret, by Lau Ming Yau
People always tell me that, Penang best kept secret is the people living on the island.  I never believe so, not until I get to meet up with an Indian lady who is a fruit seller, Mr Razak the electrician, Momo who works in a Bagel Shop and the wonder kid who love to wander himself in the garden.

Category B:  University and College Students

Grand Prize Winner:  Love Lane, by Kelvin Tan Kian
A story about people in the olden days that lived in Love Lane who had affairs and kept their mistresses there.  There are twists in the plot filled with happiness, sadness and conflicts happening throughout the story.  The short film comes with a brief documentary of Love Lane.

1st Runner Up:  My Mother Tongue, by Peh Shu Min
“十五瞑,火金星,请人客,来吃茶。”What’s that?  Joel doesn’t have any idea too so he decided to find his long lost grandma whom he never met.  What will be the secret of his mother tongue?

2nd Runner Up: The Last Show, by Annie Lim Ean Nee
Currently, there is only one heritage theatre left in Penang, which is Odeon Cinema, but it will be closed in July 2014.  Thus this video is dedicated specially to the Odeon Cinema and its family, it will also be a memory to Penangnites.

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