'The Projector' and the village

The door to a new 'old' world

The Projector, possibly the edgiest cinema in town, has settled in nicely into the body of Golden Cinema and the ‘crossroads’ neighbourhood of Golden Mile. From the time it opened its doors to the film-watching community during the 25th Singapore International Film Festival till now, it has won quite a following and has become the new home for independent cinema.

According to the founders Karen Tan, Sharon Tan and Michelle Goh, The Projector is about the co-existence of the old and new. It does not take long for a visitor to observe that old seats are still there in tact. Enjoying the Projector is about exploring, experimenting and embracing the space. We made a trip down to this part of Beach Road on weekend afternoon and soaked in everything at the Projector and in its midst.
This stark relic from the 70s greets you as you climb the overhead bridge across to the Golden Cinema building.
Gateway to Malaysia, gateway to nostalgia
Is this the one and only left in Singapore?
Indie cinema meets Indian cinema in this building.
The daily rounds of goodbyes and hellos on the ground floor.
Balik Kampung? Or an escape?
It is the middle of the afternoon and none of the shops are open! How do they pay rent?
The only place in Singapore where the 'open-air' portion of the coffeeshop is fully air-conditioned.
There are quite a few age bands on this table, truly a strangers' reunion
Peanuts, tea and receding hairlines
Old, rusty and nowhere to go
EBay of yesteryear?
This shop rewards those who braved the empty corridors and creepy shops displaying occult figures and idols.
This makes you want to shout out the name of one Singaporean filmmaker.
As we were mentioning, here is one of the creepy shops. Too creepy to stare straight in the eye, but too fascinating not to see.

Equally ominous, found in the same building
We make a detour to the 3rd level where the Hindi and Tamil movies are still screened.
Room for thought
Framing the ordinary in a rather extraordinary place.
The place has gone through some refurbishment reminiscent of some HDB flats - think colour mismatch
Lucky him! He never ages a single bit.
A good stare at this begs the thought: Why do people like weighing themselves before entering the cinema? (particularly in the old days)
A not-very-romantic romantic corner
Seems like one of the easiest jobs in the world here. 
The distinctively-dated metal grille over the forbidden zone seems to beckon our curiosity
This door grille seems oddly placed. as if.......

Okay, it's getting a tad creepy, let's move up 2 more floors.

This is so 'Wallpaper' magazine

We reached mecca. The mecca of cinema.
This looks uncannily like a scene from Tsai Ming Liang's 'Goodbye Dragon Inn'
Perfecting the imperfect: The Green Room, the more conventional screening hall, is an extraordinary cross-breed of nostalgia and experiment.
Stencil, our favourite font of the day
More fun in the Redrum (pronounced 'red room') it seems.
Some drama is necessary
Cinema Paradiso goes digital, but this room feels like fun!
Pensive. That's what this lift-ceiling mural feels like. Something to haunt you till you make a trip back again. Won't be long!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our feature on The Projector as we speak to the three women behind it.
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