SGIFF2014: 12 Personalities, 12 Film Epiphanies

This year, the Singapore International Film Festival, (SGIFF) the 25th edition, is a come-back in so many ways. It is bigger, more varied, more concerted in its organization, it’s got stars, but most importantly, it is back with a very important mission, to help us relate films to our lives. If one would call 2013 a KPI-attaining year, with the success of ‘Ah Boys to Men’ and ‘Ilo Ilo’, then 2014 would be a year we remind ourselves ‘why watch films and make film?’

The #LifeReframed campaign, launched in conjunction with SGIFF, is a series of initiatives aimed at inspiring both film-going and film-making. This year's festival is about celebrating people, and honouring the spirit of empathy, inclusion and the importance of individual points-of-view. As Karen Wai, Marketing Manager of SGIFF puts it: “Films, like literature, are important works of art that address moral dilemmas, social atrocities, utopic/dystopic alternatives to the lives we inhabit….it is an art form that can speak directly to our individual lives.”
The highlight of this campaign is the featuring of 12 inspiring personalities who reflect empathy, humility, and wisdom through the course of their lives and career, and how film has reframed their perspectives on life. Here they reveal a page in their book of life and how films have affected them.

Daniel Ee, Board Member of Companies

Philip Jeyaretnam, Senior Counsel & Managing Partner of Rodyk & Davidson LLP

Shiao-Yin Kuik, Co-founder & Director of The Thought Collective and Nominated Member of Parliment

Pann Lim, Creative Director of Kinetic Singapore

Leslie Low, Musician at The Observatory

Eunice Olsen, Producer & Actress and Founder of WomenTalkTV.Asia

Benny Se Teo, Founder of Eighteen Chefs

Josephus Tan, Criminal Lawyer and Pro Bono Ambassador

Royston Tan, Filmmaker at Chuan Pictures

Dr. William Tan, Neuroscientist, Medical Doctor and Paralympian

Dr. William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement and
Chairman of Prison Fellowship Singapore

Xiang Yun, Veteran Actress at Mediacorp

A street campaign will run from November 17 to end of December, where audiences are invited to share insightful lessons they learnt from film through the hashtags #LifeReframed and #sgiff2014. Selected stories and photos from the Singapore community will be collected and posted on the festival’s social media platforms.

About the Singapore International Film Festival (4 to 14 December 2014)

The Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is the largest and longest-running film event in Singapore. Founded in 1987, the festival has become an iconic event in the Singapore arts calendar that is widely attended by international film critics, and recognized worldwide for its focus on Asian filmmakers and the promotion of Southeast Asian films. The SGIFF is committed to nurturing and championing local and regional talents in the art of filmmaking. The festival serves as a catalyst in igniting public interest in the arts, and encouraging artistic dialogue and cultural exchanges.The SGIFF is organized by the Singapore International Film Festival Ltd, a non-profit organization and holds the Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status. For more information, please visit
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