Review: Out In The Cold

Directed by Wilfred Tan as his final year project, Out In The Cold is a heart-wrenching glimpse into the quiet and forgotten corners of Singapore. 

This city of beautiful night lights and a hub for many international events is a familiar place where more than six million people call home. When you ask any person walking down the street to describe Singapore, the word “affluent” will come up quite a lot. 

However, beyond the gorgeous architecture and relatively clean streets that many of us know, there are pockets of people that lead lives that are far from picture perfect. 

This ten minute documentary explores the plight of the homeless through the eyes of two men – 81-year old Mr Chua and 24-year old Peter. Despite the difference in generations, both of them share similar struggles and their yearning to reunite with their respective families. 

For me, I was surprised that while some of us are taking our homes and family for granted, there are young people out there such as Peter that do not have one of their own. Homelessness is an issue that is mostly associated with the elderly and the growing number of young adults following that trend is still mostly unknown. For that, I applaud the team for opening my eyes to this reality and shedding light onto the issue.

Besides interviewing and speaking with the two men to give viewers an insight to their lives, the team went on to share snippets of information ranging from homeless shelters and the rising problem of homelessness on this sunny island. 

Accompanied by strong images and visuals, the documentary and words went very well together to deliver a powerful voice for this group of people. I felt that the team successfully brought out the essential issues that we as a country have to think about: homelessness, family support as well as our social support systems. 

This documentary is short and sweet with a very clear question for all viewers to think about: What will the future hold for these wanderers with no place to call home? 

It is definitely a good watch and left me wondering about questions that I probably would never ask myself before. 

Review written by Teo Dawn

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