ShoutOUT!: Change the World in 4 Minutes with 'The Good Story Competition'

Change the world in four minutes. That is the call by Our Better World, who has recently launched The Good Story Competition – a celebration of creative and compelling video storytelling of everyday people in Asia doing good to improve the lives of others. 

Our Better World is a digital initiative of the Singapore International Foundation. Since starting Our Better World about one and a half years ago, it has uncovered many inspirational stories of hope and courage and wants to celebrate the stories of these unsung heroes, and get more people involved and coming alongside to play their part. If you know people who are quietly helping to make lives better, you can help cast a spotlight on the difference they are making by joining The Good Story Competition. With your video story submission, you will help raise awareness of the cause

There are two categories, Open and Professional, with over S$25,000 of prize money. Winners not only get a cash prize for themselves, but also for the social enterprise, non- profit organisation or inspiring individual featured in their videos. Professionals are individuals or groups with filmmaking background.

Rules and Regulations
1.         Competition is open to individuals or groups with no professional filmmaking background,    e.g., Students or hobbyists in the Open Category; and to people who derive income from          filmmaking in the Professional Category.

2.         Each entry must focus on inspiring people making a positive impact in the community,        improving lives of people in Asia. The goal of the video should be to inspire everyday people to contribute in tangible ways to benefit the non-profit or social enterprise     featured.

3.         All entrants must be at least 18 years old on the date of their submission, or must have          attained contractual age in their respective country on the date of submission.

4.         Each entrant must fill out and submit the registration form here:

5.         An entry is eligible if it meets one of these two requirements:
            a.         It is a new, original      video produced and filmed for this competition.
            b.         It is an existing video filmed,   produced and shown no earlier than 1 January                                   2013, with the call to action still relevant for the non-profit / social enterprise                                  featured in       the       video, and meets the other submission requirements of                                   the competition.

6.         Each entrant must submit only one video. Each entry can be submitted by an individual      or a group. If it is submitted by a group, the entry must be represented by one person in   the group.

7.         Our Better World has the right to watermark, sign off and distribute all entries. The     filmmaker will be credited. All intellectual property rights will remain with the filmmaker.

8.         The filmmaker must get all necessary permissions and releases, and clear all rights, in          writing, for materials used in the video, including music, images and logos, for the        potential publication and distribution of the entry.

9.         The entry must not be obtained through unlawful means or contain any libellous,     defamatory or indecent matter and must not infringe any right of privacy or any other right         of any person.

10.       Any statement, statistic or piece of information presented as fact within the entry must be     truthful.


Top Prize
S$4,000 (Open)
S$8,000 (Professional)

Finalist Prizes
(Four winners)
S$2,000 (Open)
S$2,000 (Professional)

Audience Choice
S$1,000 (Open)

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