The 2013 Gala Behaviour (and Misbehaviour) Report

Gala premieres in Singapore are becoming big affairs. Even the President was invited to one this year. And our home-made self-styled movie stars are teasing the audience more than before with show-stopping appearances. We take a serious, deep, hard, insightful look at gala behaviour and misbehaviour over the year. Here's presenting a year at local movie galas....

Taxi Taxi

'Lucky I am wearing a skirt, god knows what the director will make me do.'

Adults and one hipster kid

 Ah Boys To Men II

They don't have this level of swag in Tekong.

The 2013 Star Awards was graced by several overseas celebrities who came as far as from Pulau Tekong.

Four soldiers and their espionage specialist.

Red Numbers

‘We were looking for Chinese food.’

That hair is the actual protagonist of this movie.

Ghost Child

 Jayley Woo re-enacts her winning audition move for movie.

‘Bobby Tonelli, you played me out, told me it was casual dress so I came straight from the shoot.’

‘I am so inspired to make horror after watching Ghost Child, just between the three of us, I started work on my new film ‘My Black Magic’.’

The Girl in Pinafore

She has no idea what this gesture signifies in European societies, please excuse her.

‘Darren may have many female fans, but only I share the right shade of bleach.’

More people should know the brutal history of the backwards V sign.

All actors need to love the camera. Some are in love with it more than others.

Ilo Ilo

 ‘Sorry ah, Mediacorp Star Awards is next month, I think you got the dates wrong la.’

‘My mum is getting too much attention. I want some too!’

‘I think you stole some fabric from my mum. Give it back.’

‘All the tickets to the Chocolate Factory are in my hands.’

‘I have arrived to tell everyone pink is the next big thing,’says Elim Chew, Founder of 77th Street

Auntie Terry at the screening of Ilo Ilo confesses,’I left the job because Jolibee paid better.’

Director Anthony Chen thinks hard about casting the lady behind him on his next film.

3 Peas in a Pod

According to scientists, the pink jelly-fish responds to bright lights and rears its head once in a while to mark its territory.

 Annyeonghaseyo! We present the new 5-member band, Shinee-est

Subjects of the Godmother

If you know the answer to the signs, email us at, you stand to win a limited-edition handshake with Calvin Chen, Jae Liew and Alexander Lee Eusebio

‘Dear Minister Wong, You can be assured there are no kissing scenes between the two men in the movie.’

Everybody's Business

 This particular Miss Singapore competition saw a WIDE range of contestants.

 Coffeeshop beer girls are BIG business.

A 16 year-old secondary school student won the ‘Doing my business’ Face-of-the-Year contest.

‘Sometimes I use toilet paper. Sometimes I use my finger.’

‘I think my wig just fell off.’

Hands-only Harlem Shake

Screen Singapore

Andy Lau’s note to himself: ‘Better flash a nice genuine smile, I’m going to have to work for one of these Singapore directors soon.’

'Wah Lau eh Minister, how can you tell us about this licensing scheme after we invested in this business?’

Minister of Information, Communication and the Arts Yacood Ibrahim demonstrates what he means by the government maintaining a ‘light touch’ on local media

Written by Joseline Yu and Jeremy Sing
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