New Year, New Team, Say Hello to the people behind SINdie!

As the new year unfolds, we would like unveil the brains, hands and legs who have been helping to keep SINdie running. They are the SINdie writers/contributors who volunteer time to give you the scoop about the happenings in Singapore films. So like 'LIFE' magazine in the movie 'The secret life of Walter Mitty', we are dedicating the final post of 2013 to the people behind SINdie.

Aditi Shiva
Aditi is an editorial assistant at a local publishing house, where she works on comics, young adult fiction and sketchbooks. She has written for The New Paper, and for campus publications while an undergraduate. Her interest in Singapore film was sparked at age 15 when she made a short film with two friends for a school project. She is eager to learn more about the local film scene prior to independence, and about non-English and Mandarin filmmaking in Singapore.

Thong Kay Wee
Kay Wee considers himself an aspirational visual artist, budding film writer and independent filmmaker who believes in the evocative and hypnotic power of the moving images. A communications graduate specializing in film and cinema studies, he is interested in pursuing his needs to create, express and engage enigmatic truths in an imaginative and progressive manner. 

Raymond Tan
One of the earliest members of SINdie (since 2010), Raymond is an anti-social hobo who spends most of his time watching films and playing video games, if not writing or blogging about them. An ice-cream enthusiast, his ultimate dream is to taste ice-cream for a living.  He is now doing his Masters, is a freelance writer. He has previously written for F*** magazine.

Deitrich Mohan
Mohan was a Lasalle Puttnam School of Film graduate and rebel. Always enjoyed film theory and spends time reading about film theory. Interested to pen down his thoughts and share it with the masses , he has joined SINdie to expand his knowledge on film and hopes to improve his writing everyday. Avid Flowrider, Muay thai trainee, movie buff, volunteer worker, literary activist. (Hopefully movie critic in the future!).

Haswani Sungit
Haswani is both a ninja and crazy bunny on the loose. She has fallen hopelessly in love with filmmaking on the last semester in Uni and tells herself that she needs to marry a Hollywood actor (read: Ryan Gosling) to finance her filmmaking studies in Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. If further studies doesn't work out, she will focus on perfecting her lethal karate chops and deadly weapon-throwing moves.

Joseline Yu
Joseline Yu is a 2nd year English Literature student at NTU. She is extremely wary about what she watches as she easily cries at the movies. She is a lover of films that mash genres, literary fiction and shonen manga. She is currently reading English and is known at school for being a library hermit.

Tay Huizhen
Huizhen has always had an insurmountable urge to tell someone—anyone—her opinion about a film after watching it. She decided she wanted to be a film critic in Junior College and save the world from bad movie reviews. She doesn't like holding a camera but enjoyed every moment losing herself in film theory when writing her thesis entitled Docufiction in the Digital Age. She still cherishes the first time she watched Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful (1997) with her mother on Arts Central one night, and being completely devastated and swept away by the film. She writes for MovieXclusive, muses in her film blog, and tweets at

Gwen Xu

Gwen is very happy to be writing for SINdie because it marries her love for film and words.
When not reading, writing or making short films with friends during her spare time,
Gwen plays Michelangelo and designs the next piece of artwork that is to be painted on her nails.

Dawn Teo
Dawn is a big theatre fan. Dabbling in the arts since young and doing theatre since she was 14, Dawn has been a part of more than ten productions locally. Just completing an editorial internship with Youth.SG, Dawn hopes to write more to hone her skills in expressing herself through words.

Yiz's mother used to put her in front of the TV to get her to shut up. Since then, she has been devouring films like there is no tomorrow. After learning that sentences can be constructed to deliver meanings and opinions, she likes to write her thoughts on whatever she's watched as well. Yiz has been writing with SINdie since 2011. 
Colin Low
Colin is one of the pioneer members of SINdie, having joined the team in 2009. Bringing with him a point of view way beyond his years, he has been instrumental in shaping the 'personality' of the writing seen on SINdie in its early years. He is currently studying English LIterature at the University of Chicago and would occasionally contribute his writings to SINdie.

Jeremy Sing
Jeremy is the founder and editor of SINdie. He started SINdie in 2008 as a platform for local films, including short films to be seen and heard about. He's always loved cinema but picked up the camera and started making short films in 2005. He's since been involved in several local film productions in various capacities including producer, assistant director and production assistant. The films include 'Ah Boys to Men' (Part 1 & 2), The Lucky Seven Project, Keluar Baris and several others. Not known to some, he actually holds a full-time office job in Public Relations. Work and SINdie aside, the dream to make a feature film is still very much alive and he hopes to cross his first hurdle of finishing his script soon.
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