SINdie LIVE! #2 (with special guest, film writer Raphael Millet) on Ilo Ilo and other trophies

Happy National Day Singapore! This year, Singaporeans have a lot to be proud of in the terms of our achievements in bringing local films to the next level. Ah Boys to Men hit the all-time box-office takings, Ilo Ilo won the Camera D'Or at Cannes, Chai Yee Wei's The Girl in Pinafore is making waves among younger Singaporeans and there are at least 10 other feature films slated to be released this year! Certainly a banner year for Singapore cinema after 2008, the other banner year.

To celebrate and remember the best in Singapore filmmaking, we shared what we thought were some of the best Singapore movies of all time in our 2nd edition of SINdie LIVE!, our PODCAST series.

Here is the podcast in 2 parts:

We had a special guest this time. He wrote a book which was published in 2005 and it chronicled the development of Singapore cinema over the decades. The book is titled Singapore Cinema and he is Raphael Millet. Raphael brought with him to the podcast his well-researched knowledge of Singapore films, particularly of an older era as well as his French perspective on Anthony Chen's win. Find our what are his favourite Singapore movies and the very first Singapore movie he caught many years ago. One of the most interesting parts of our conversation was on film heritage in Singapore and how little the current films draw upon our past.

Raphael Millet, author of 'Singapore Cinema' prepares to go on SINdie LIVE! #2

Key SINdie writer Raymond Tan plans his next point

Modern Day 'Bujang Lapok'?

Cam-whoring moment for Jeremy (Sing) while the technician does his work

Raymond speaks on the dichotomy in treatment between commercial and art films in Singapore

'The iphone is actually a good recording device!'

'What do you think Raphael?'

Raphael signing SINdie's copy of 'Singapore Cinema'

Fanboy moment with our special guest!!!

Not forgetting Yizhen (far right) who was helping behind the scenes with taking photos

A mind-map of our discussion, well, almost!

Thank you for listening!

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