Review - 'Home Swee Home' by Priscilla Low (NTU Filament Showcase)

It is common to listen to stories being told from the native Singaporean’s point of view, especially regarding the influx of foreign immigrants into our sunny island. Usually, the comments made are negative and no one would really bother listening to the other side of the story.
However, Home Swee Home is a documentary that showcases varying points of view by immigrants that live here and opens the audiences’ eyes by giving us a different perspective on the widely debated topic.

The film also hopes to seek answers as to why immigrants are discriminated here and what entitles someone to be called a “Singaporean” beyond the place of birth.
With the three interviewed immigrants being shot at varying local spaces such as their own homes as well as supermarkets, the audience can see the similarities of their behavior to the locals and follow their stories closely with insights into their private lives.
A learning journey and a documentary full of discoveries, the three immigrants share their personal stories as well as thoughts on living here. They also seek to piece together the Singaporean identity for themselves as they try to integrate themselves into our local community. 
With each immigrant speaking in a language they were comfortable in, it becomes comfortable for them because they are used to speaking the language. Not only that, it was comfortable for the audience as well, because the audience would be able to appreciate their bare honesty and the natural way they present themselves to others.
With the camera capturing them as real people, it makes their stories all the more believable and the audience would find themselves gradually seeing things from their point of view. The audience may then start to question what it really means to be Singaporean and if it is true that all immigrants are using this land simply as a money-earning ground and not a home.
This film definitely leaves you thoughtful.
Review by Dawn Teo
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