Review - 'Growing up with Less' (NTU Filament Show)

If a film can be an agent of change, 'Growing Up With Less' is certainly one that has propelled an infectious movement of pure goodness. This documentary film sheds light on the less fortunate families and children living under financially challenged conditions right here in Singapore. As the country flourishes with high living standards, where and how do the low-income fit in?

Despite having less, two young sisters in 'Picking Up The Pieces' rally their creative ideas and entrepreneurial spirits in setting up an online shop selling adorable stationeries or candies. Their aim is to earn some money so that they can relieve a little stress from their single mother. Their mother works hard ensuring that the family has enough to survive by planning home finances meticulously and seeking available aid resiliently.

Although the families are financially handicapped, they seem to find joy in the simple things and strive to break out of poverty cycle. Their unbridled strength and determination will inspire audience to be more appreciative of their own lives.

The documentary certainly opens audience's eyes to the daily realities that are happening around us. The different snippets of stories are moving and heartwarming. Visually, the documentary is successful in capturing the hearts of audience and inspiring to do more for the needy.

The team behind this documentary, as one member of audience chirped, indeed has big hearts. In fact, their efforts in reaching out goes beyond the screen.

To be part of the growing movement in providing aid to the less fortunate, please visit or stay connected by clicking 'like' on their Facebook.

This documentary is made by a team comprising Benny Lim, Trinh Hoang Ly, Candice Neo, xu Yuan Duan.

Review by Haswani

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