ShoutOUT: Results of ciNE65 Short Film Competition out this Wed!

'That's my vote!' The jury of ciNE65 was split over several films.

ciNE65, the 3-min film competition where you get to see Singaporeans interpret the idea of home, will be announcing the winners for this year's competition this Wednesday. The film competition attracted 121 student entries and 45 entries from the open category. The theme for this year is 'I'll be there for you.', like what Mariah Carey sings in her song. The competition drew a diverse range of treatments of the theme, from slapstick TV-style comedy to sleek music videos. There were also some pieces that look like promotional videos for the Singapore Tourism Board. Some of the videos already had fans online and were eagerly shared by fans and friends on Facebook. Here are snapshots of judgement, oops, I mean judging day in which the judges came together the deliberate the winners.

The full list of judges can be found here

'So where do we begin?'

The all important judging form

'Some stiff competition here. Let's have a second round of votes!'

Pui Yee from Objectifs clears up some doubts to Joe Ng, one of the judges

A clear view of how judging works in some film competition. There is a SYSTEM!

Coincidental portraits in the ciNE65 judging, freezing time, telling their own Singapore stories

The Singapore story, as intimate as it gets

No ordinary Singapore story for sure
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