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Leading up to National Day, a day where Kit Chan warbled Home which still remains as one of the most well known, well loved National Day theme song people relate to and recall fondly of those days. On the topic of home and in light of the recent conclusion of cINE65, Sindie contributor Bella Ow pens down her observations on the theme of Home found in this year's submissions --


Cine65 reminiscences of Home.

3-minute shorts on the theme of ‘I’ll be there for you’ that encapsulates what budding filmmaking enthusiasts consider to be introspections on Singapore identity.  The contributors span from students to working professionals, and are really sliced from a spectrum of diverse age groups. Commendable effort must be given to the persons who were inspired from the stories in their daily lives, and strove to capture the simple moments which display community spirit, patriotic sentiment and family ties.

I was looking out for the actors and actresses that really stood out to me in the video entries and I must say that the grandmother in the unforgettable video, the girl in the remembering video and the boy in the sentimental rubber video were three characters whom I thought combined a degree of sensitivity, reflexivity and just pure ability in getting us to relate to their characters J.

The grandmother was so sincere in her search for her granddaughter which led to utter fruitlessness. And the final vignette of her being completely lost in her search was heartbreaking, to say the least.

The girl in the remembering video was pretty to say the least, and she was very earnest in the remembrance of the people who matter and who tided her through her most difficult of times J.

The boy in the sentimental rubber video was extremely shy and broken in his fragility, and I really appreciated the innocence which he brought to the character in the video.

After watching more entries, I discovered that the focus on home really made me think and reflect about my own reasons for coming home, and the little things that matter in our weighing of our options. At the end of the day, it is simply about being able to appreciate the closer ties, and seeing opportunities not in terms of bigger brighter and flashier, but in terms of simplicity, sincerity and being grateful.

By Bella Ow.

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