cINE65 2013 - On YouTube and GV

It's just a short few hours away till the awards ceremony for Cine65. Voting has ceased as or 2359H of 8 July and now audience votes will be accounted for. If you hadn't had the chance to vote, then it is probably too late for now.

Filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, music composers, actors, actresses, lighting assistants, bao-ka-liao kakis, friends, family and all else who have chipped in making the short film would be anxiously waiting for results to be announced.

However, whoever wins or loses, I would just like to commend all of them for their time and effort in making all these films. As listed above, making a film, even a short film, requires a lot of people's contributions and plenty of teamwork to happen. Whether or not you have won an award, a nomination or a mention somewhere on the internet, it is still a work of art nonetheless.

Especially for those who had been nominated earlier - their shorts have been screened at all GV cinemas. In fact, I had managed to catch 2 shorts prior to my movie. It's so great that GV's actually allowing these 5 min of screentime instead of paid ads to run before the show for Cine65. The reach is incredible and though response may be passive but it could have worked its magic in stirring the audiences' heart. This may not be visible as of now but it could probably ripple into manifestations of more people interested in making films and telling their own stories instead.

I would like to share my experience watching a short, Unforgettable, as it was screened in GV prior to my movie.

Although Cine65 is a competition that uses the platform of Youtube for accessibility purposes - I would like to comment on the importance of also having it screened in cinemas. And the importance of watching films in the cinema.

Coincidentally, this granny was one of the top runners of 800+ votes the last I had counted for the award of Favourte Actress. I must say I had really enjoyed her acting and really thought that as an amateur actor, she was spot on with her looking lost, which was prevalent to provide the storyline the climax.

Watching the short in the cinema with more than 100 people around me as compared to watching it at home on Youtube was an entirely different experience for me.

While at home in the comfort of my own room, I was able to appreciate her acting. I was alone and only had my critical brain and train of thoughts to note down and critic every single detail of the short.

Whereas in the cinema, it was an entirely different experience.

It is known that GV screens the longest ads prior to any movie. During these ads, latecomers were still streaming in the theatre, people were still chatting with their friends or checking their phones. Munching of the popcorn were unabashedly chewed with loud crunches as the cinema screens ads they don't really care much.

However, when this short started, the audience was immediately enraptured. They sat up straight, they stopped fidgeting. They were intrigued with the start of the storytelling and at this granny who wandered in speaking in soft, fluent kindly dialect. They were entranced with her acting and her storytelling. I watched the short again, but this time with an entirely different feeling as I felt the entire audience share with me what I had felt when I had watched this short. I felt the room move as the audience giggled at her innocent narration at the beginning, held their breath as she waited for her granddaughter to open the door. The air was tense as the film reached its climax in revealing that she suffers from dementia, sighs as they see the relation between the past and the present, and sighed again with regret at the end. The experience was moving and it was powerful. Great storytelling for films should not stop at only the artistic direction, but also the delivery of the actor. The actor should accentuate the storyline, and for this short I think it did.

If you haven't watch it yet, this is the time for you to do so now - but alas at your own comfort of your table, your room, your computer, your own private space.

I am unabashedly rooting for this granny to win the Favourite Actress award. I should think that the screening in GV boosted her votes by a good deal. Go watch now!

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