cINE65 2013, it's a wrap!

PG family friendly picture of SINdie editor receiving le appreciation from Minister Chan Chun Sing. FYI, Jeremy was a judge for this year's cINE65!

9th July 2013... Cine65 Prize Presentation Night. To the nominees , its the day they have been waiting for, to be recognized for the sweat, blood and nights of pre and post productions. It may not be the glitz and glamour of the Oscar awards but to these nominees, its a start of a journey to showcase their art styles be it directing , acting , editing , sound design and etc.During the event , despite it being a rather professional prize presentation there is a faint hint of casual fun in the atmosphere that brought upon a joyous emotion for both nominees and winners. There are some awards that i wish to touch on that inspire my fingers to to tap on my laptop's keys...

Favourite Actress: Choo Ai Keow in 忘不了 Unforgettable
Madame Choo Ai Keow may had a rather short appreciation speech but that did not deter the fact she had outshone many actors and actress in her role from "Unforgettable". During her speech, i was touched when she divulged that she did not get the opportunity to do acting when she was younger , when she was given the chance to finally give acting a shot she has past her youthful years. Despite her age, she clinched one of the highlight awards of the night, Favourite Actress.

Jury's Choice (Open Category) Best Editing: Vanishing Trades  (1 man effort)
I have a soft spot for documentaries and "Vanishing trades" hit the right chords for me. Combining various shots from wide angle to close ups and seamless weaving them together , i really could feel how this barber shop can make an impact to my thoughts. I enjoy the pace that the film has set and inter-looping between voice overs with images in the barber shop , it really transits smoothly between the footage.

Jury's Choice (Student Category) Best Direction: I'll Be There For You
I was in film school before and i understand how difficult it is to work with kids. Being able to direct kids to do such a fine job in "I'll Be There For You" , its truly a joy especially at the start of the film where the kids congregate together being using sounds as a signal for meeting, that scene is truly memorable for me.

Jury's Choice (Student Category) Overall Best Film: Priceless
As the nominations flash before the audience's eyes, randoms bursts of cheers echo through the hall and among the nominations, "Priceless" has garnered the most support. There are various factors that made this film among the favourites. Firstly, audiences can relate to the setting it has been placed. Without overwhelming the audiences with too many lines , the young boy protagonist in the film only had a couple of lines which placed great significance in their importance. Finally its content bears great relation to the theme that has been set for Cine65. These are in my opinion made strong evidence to allow "Priceless" to be the Best Film Award winner.

Jury's Choice (Student Category) Best Editing: The Red Knight
Young blood always never cease to amaze me. Capturing upon the Hollywood trends of adapting Superheroes into film. "The Red Knight" capsulates the essence of editing and special effects within their short film. No flashy costumes or giant set pieces with cars strewn around the background , all you need is a bunch of good friends and have a good time filming the entire process. Its no simple feat to throw in such well developed special effects and quick cuts of footages to produce this short film. Kudos to you guys !

Jury's Choice (Student Category) Best Cinematography: Journey

At the end of the presentation , it was a pleasure gesture to provide all attendees with a sumptuous meal , a beautiful photo wall and a spacious arena for interaction. Personally i wanted to find out more about the actors and actresses on their inspirations and interactions with both acting and with the crew that they work with. I manage to get a moment with the actress in "Going away" Miss Ashley Erianah whom gave me some insights on her history with the crew and the fond moments working with the director. As Jeremy Sing and I decided to make our departure, at the corner of my eye i caught a glimpse of Heng Jee Neng. Pleasure young gentleman he is, he had a strong understanding of the script and did his role with the best of his abilities. I wish i was young again , i might have taken up acting myself... In a nutshell , Cine65 allows young talented filmmakers, crew and actors(actresses) an avenue to explore their inner talents and provide them the outlet to inspire and develop Singapore's art scene, im quite eager to see what else can this new generation of filmmakers bring to the table in time to come.

By Deitrich Mohan
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