Review - 'The Kings' by Victoria Stephanie Tay (La Salle's Putnam School of Film Showcase)

The Kings, in short, is about cute uncles awkwardly gyrating to cheesy but nostalgic music from a bygone era. Part endearing, part humorous, the documentary by Victoria Stephanie Tay spotlights a group of Elvis aficinados and their many club gatherings and activities. Aside from shots of the main charismatic trio crooning on stage for charitable events, there are also scenes that capture them at home and in their private life. As they explain their love for the King and his many popular songs, their musings often take on a comic twist with the director's insertion of many tongue-in-cheek visual juxtapositions.

If you enjoyed watching the humorous busker in Wild Dogs (2011), a film by LASALLE's own alumni Saravanan Sam, the charismatic busker in Tan Pin Pin's Singapore GaGa (2005), and many other such local films which showcase--for want of better words--the rollicking "dreams of the man on the street," then The Kings will strike a chord with you.

Review by Tay Huizhen

Here is the trailer of the film:

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