Review - 'I want to be a director' by Colin Huang

‘I want to be a director’, the title, speaks the spirit of Colin Huang’s earnest attempt at making a straight-talking, street-level humour short film. While the film was not nominated for any awards at the 4th Singapore Short Film Awards, it succeeds in entertaining the child in us that want to see some mindless action on the screen.

The film opens with a class in session in the classroom and the teacher gives a final warning to a boy who seems to be daydreaming. His daydream then becomes the film’s story – one about a dream to be a filmmaker and the kind of kick-ass films he wants to make – slasher-gore, zombies, gangsters, explosions etc,

The film lifts itself beyond fan-boyism through its cute and clever touches that gives the word ‘skit’ a good name. It is a collection of skits no doubt, but the actors in it are natural comic talents, wide in their dramatic range and yet never trying too hard. Polished, this film is not, but it serves as a bright reminder that sometimes, the key to entertaining others is to entertain oneself first.

Review by Jeremy Sing

Watch the film here:

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