SINdie LIVE! Goes on Air

Have you ever read a movie review and gave up after glancing through the first paragraph? Perhaps the reviewer was just dumb, or, more often than not, you were too lazy to read the 600-word article because words hurt your eyes?

With SINdie LIVE!, Singapore's first-ever movie talkshow-podcast, you can now take a break from reading our tedious writing as we (literally!) voice our opinions about the latest local films.

In this no-holds-barred, non-scripted, non-adulterated talkshow, dedicated solely to the magic of the big screen, our team of writers will debate the latest local films that has kept Singapore abuzz. No need for fanciful language, complex grammar structure and all the things that come between you and a simple need to know - is the film good or bad?

Championing the spirit of the Siskel & Ebert show (R.I.P. both) and countless other film talkshows all over Europe, we at SINdie hope to bring the tradition of dynamic film criticism to local shores through dialogue. As we delve deeper into the film(s) of the day, you will get the views of not just one reviewer, but three or four in lively debate! More bang for your buck, as they say, or what we in Singapore like to call the kiasu way. So tune in for a piece of the action and witness Singapore film history in the making!

Light-hearted, yet thought-provoking, SINdie LIVE! is where we come together to ask the most pressing questions about a local film today, questions such as:

Why is it so bad?

(less often) Why is it so good?

Why is it so bad that it's so good?!


Occasionally, we'll try to be clever, and ask ever-so-intelligent General Paper-style questions too, such as:

What does this bode for the local film industry and different viewers in society?

What point is the film trying to make and does the director succeed?

Will this be a trend for the next generation of filmmakers in Singapore?


And the occasional awkward questions we ask of ourselves from time to time:

Do we have to re-record this, because it's our third trial-run in a dark, dingy corner of the library@Esplanade and we are scared!?

If people don't read our writing, will they care much for our voices?

Are we just too lazy and dumb to write reviews?


So tune in to SINdie LIVE! -- the brand-new, experimental podcast platform with plenty of lively film discussions and tons of fun!

And because dialogue is never a one-way street, we invite you, our dear readers (and now listeners) to drop us a comment or share your views about the film and continue the debate...

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