Production Talk: 4th SSFA - 'Last Man Standing' by Naresh Subhash

A 5 person crew , 5 days , overnights, a 1000 SGD budget and two cameras. That was how 'Last Man Standing' was made. It is a mockumentary by Naresh Subhash about masturbation 'as a sport' and the politics surrounding this peculiar sport. A film predictably littered with innuendos, it does have its surprises too. 'Last Man Standing' was nominated for Best Fiction for this year's Singapore Short Film Awards.

Give us 3 good reasons why you made this film?
1.Thesis Film
2.1000 SGD as a budget
3. wanted to make something that was honest to us

It certainly involves a great deal of humour scripting. How did you go about writing the script?

There was no script. We generated pointers for each scene - like check points - and worked with the actors to generate realistic dialogue and later impressive editing. Nomination - WIN. 

Did it start with a plan to entertain or to discuss social issues like foreign talent? I mean, it was very entertaining without or without social issues.

I guess no one starts telling a story just for people to laugh at them. This film was conceived from our own combined forms of displacement and how it relates to our reality. I never liked making serious films, the humor is a style. So what i am trying to say is that you cant take one or the other from the equation.   

Any great moments of laughter during the production (especially with the entendres of wanking peppered throughout)?
Nope. We were dead serious. 

There was a scene in which the quitter screamed out loud in the midst of passers-by. Were they part of the cast or strangers caught with real reactions on screen? 

They were real people. walking home. minding their own business. enters desperate students and dedicated actor.  

For a film about wanking, this film is very un-graphic. Any thing you would have done more outrageously if you had complete freedom?
Nope. The story was much more important. People keep expecting that, i dont know why. Plus, you can watch a good circle jerk at many film screenings already so why bother. 

Last Man Standing Trailer from Naresh EThan Subhash on Vimeo.
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