Results and Moments from the 4th Singapore Short Film Awards

The annual Singapore Short Film Awards went into its 4th edition last night (2 Mar 2013) honouring the best in short films made in the last one year. This year's nominees are varied and bold. They dabble in topics ranging from quasi-child-porn to masturbation. Here is a photosplash of last evening's event.

'It's a Y, not a V. Y for YouTube - cos you just have to check out Objectif's new SG Film YouTube Channel!'

Aishah, Programming Manager of Moving Images of the Substation does the wink with Jeremy (SINdie)

'Ever since I used that shampoo, my hair has been soft as silk. See!' - Hair spotted at the 4th Singapore Short Films Awards come with lots of personality

Bear-spotting - Jeremy Sing of SINdie poses with Artistic Director of Substation, Effendy

The 2 most important people behind the 4th Singapore Short Film Awards, Aishah (Substation) and Pui Yee (Objectifs), share a Tiger moment

Pui Yee's (Objectifs) helmet head is just screaming to be yanked out

Crowd gets thicker as the light gets thinner

Guest-of-Honour and Nominated MP, Ms Janice Koh with long-time friend, Samuel Seow, owner of Samuel Seow Law Corporation, multi-time arts patron

'If you noticed, we are dressed to match the seats of the Substation, red and black' says emcees Ezzam Rahman and Ghazi Alqudcy

Janice Koh, Guest-of-Honour brought out her red purse to continue to the red and black dress code as she delivers a thoughtful opening address about the need for better treatment for all on the filming set, crew, actors and filmmakers themselves. No better way to convince than to have those words come from one who's also worked on several important local short film works

This year's Jury say a few words about 100 over short films they watched - ST Life! journalist Boon Chan, film producer Lau Chee Nien and Filmmaker Tan Pin Pin

One of the presenters, filmmaker Pok Yue Meng makes a dash for the seat after his job is done

See, the seats come with red cushioning. Oh yes, the audience waiting with bated breath for the next result

Helmet rules! Another helmet head, filmmaker/producer gives out the next award

Three is a party, Ezzam Rahman sets the stage for giving out the Honorary Award

Filmmaker Jasmine Ng delivers the tribute address to Honorary Award recipient K Rajagopal

Filmmaker K Rajagopal receives the award from Guest-of-Honour Janice Koh

Films are a mirror of life, very much in the case of Rajagopal

Kids just add sparkle to everything, like the girl from Best Fiction winner 'Broken Crayons', who receives the award from Infinite Frameworks COO, Freddie Yeo

This filmmaker (Priscilla Ang, winner of Best Fiction) will go far on the Red Carpet, literally. Congrats Priscilla for winning the award!

For those who don't already know the results, here they are:

Broken Crayon by Ang Geck Geck 

Anthony Chen for Karang Guni 

Zai Kuning, Zai Tang for Jalan Jati 

Charles Lim for All The Lines Flow Out 

Ric Aw for Villain 

That’s Wicked! 

No winners but Special mention for Jalan Jati

No winners but Special mention for Britanny Low from Ric Aw's Villain

Cindy Khoo (Production Designer), Nigel Heng, Wyna Yow (Assistant Art Director) for Seeya in Elektrik Dreamz 

Juliana Tan, Wang Jingyu for Durga
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