Special Finds at 'Temporary Repositories'

Almost every film submission to that came to the Substation over the last 10 years arrived in humble copy DVDs with handwritten labels. Here are 9 local titles that came in the same humble packaging but shone brighter than the gleam on the silver or bronze finishing of the DVDs. In another 10 years, we may see them in the museum.

1. G23 by Anthony Chen
2. Crammed by Ellery Ngiam
3. Cut by Royston Tan
4. Moveable Feast by Kelvin Tong, Sandi Tan & Jasmine Ng
5. Hock Hiap Leong by Royston Tan
6. Autograph Book by Wee Li Lin
7. Lim Poh Huat by Lee Wong
8. Lorong 27 by Kenny Tan
9. Tak Giu by Jacen Tan

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