Photosplash and winners from the Very Short International Film Festival

The 2012 edition of the Very Short International Film Festival (VSIFF) has given the short film genre in Singapore more prominence this year as it featured more local short films and even held its awards party at Avalon, the club that sits on water. Here are the Singapore winners to the festival competition. Each film is unique in its own way and the 'Grand Prix' film shows how you can milk so much out of so little.

Grand Prix Award: Timeline by Alvin Lee
Apart from winning the Grand Prix Award, 20-year old Alvin Lee's Timeline was also chosen by the VSIFF Jury based in Paris to be screened in up to 80 cities in 15 countries.
Originality Award: Crane Wife by Allysa Sing
This Award was given out for the short film that is the most original (as the name suggests). It went Allysa Sing's Crane Wife which is based on a Japanses folktale about a man who finds an injured crane and fixes it wings and a woman appears one day at his door and offers to be his wife.

There were also 2 special awards given out 

The Social Development Network 'Give Love a Chance' Award is for a short film that inspires young singles to embrace love and take that first step to start dating. The film that could most encourage people to stop being single is Give Yourself a Chance by Huang Junxiang

Young NTUC 'You are Only Young Once' Award is for a short film that can inspire young people to make a contribution to society and convey good values that are relevant to youths. This Award was won by The Team by Ray Pang. His film was first shown at Cine65, a online short film competition last year.

Certificates of Encouragement (for creative use of animation)
Project Marionette by Tan Cheng Quan (Joshua), Candice Elizabeth Chua Cher Ern & Liew Yong Jia
Parallel by Ang Wei Tyng
Libertas by Kan Lume and Megan Wonowidjoyo
Tales of the Chugawagas by Khoo Yi Hui, Goh Huiying and Anne Tan

Here are photos from the awards event (captions not based on real life events):

'Can you show some ID?'

Singaporeans have a habit of creating an invisible ring fence around the dance floor area even when you are so sandwiched

The VSIFF has French origins

Beautiful evening blue skies  seen from inside Avalon

'I will leave these men and their sad shoes alone while I sway away in my clogs'

One of the winners Alvin Lee receiving the prize from the Jury

'Why no champagne?' 

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