Snapshots and Results of the 3rd Singapore Short Film Awards

The filmmaking fraternity squeezes into the frame at the end

Guest-of-Honour Kelvin Tong receives the Honorary award on behalf of recipient Lesley Ho (picture on the slide with blonde hair), saying Lesley was the 'godmother' of indie-filmmaking in his days cos she would introduce the filmmakers to people who could help finance the films.

Working hard in the shadows of the awards

Ian Bailey, art director of Atonement, gives out the Best Art Direction prize to Hillary Yeo

Michael Chua receiving his Best Performance Award for 'Hentak Kaki'

This actor is getting time, with a role in a US TV programme and his latest appearance as a hairy KTV uncle in Royston Tan HIV Awareness MV.

 SNSD - Singapore's New Sensational Directors

About to have his ear cut off - quite an appropriate clip for Best Sound category

Man of the night - Tan Shijie, who bagged 4 awards, including 

Here is the full list of the results:

Best Script - The Hole
Best Sound - The Hole
Best Editing - Wild Dogs
Best Cinematography - Lighthouse
Best Performance - Hentak Kaki
Best Art Direction - Godzaizer
Best Documentary - Peace Be Upon You
Best Director - Tan Shijie for The Hole
Best Animation - Burger Burger
Best Fiction - The Hole
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