Who's Shooting What in 2012? Series 2

We continue with the 'Who's Shooting What?' series with 5 feature films slated for production this year. It seems we can never lose our grip on horror, with a discernible branch of directors going into comic-horror. Cosmically, 2 directors are giving us their own takes on zombies in Singapore - Jacen Tan and Gary Ow. Both films will feature a nation plagued by a zombie virus. The coincidence is chilling. Read on below.....

Project Title: Singapore Girl (feature film)
Filmmaker: Kan Lume

Brief Description:
In paradise, miracles do happen. While vacationing in Koh Samui, an unlikely romance takes place between two Singaporean singles - a lonely chain-smoking drifter recouping after a divorce and an SIA Flight Attendant nursing a broken heart. The guy convinces the girl to spend the next few days together with him in the same room. What follows is a comedic study of people on the brink of desperation and breakthrough. 

Project Title: Zombiepura (feature film)
Filmmaker: Jacen Tan

Brief Description: 
What will you defend? A zombie virus breaks out in Singapore while NSmen Tan and Lee are on guard duty. They flee their camp to rescue their loved ones, only to find out what it means to be real soldiers.
Tagline: Five bullets. Five million zombies. What will you defend?

Project Title: Hsien of the Dead (feature film)
Filmmaker: Gary Ow

Brief Description: 
Zombies still carry out their daily routines, despite being zombified by a virus. It’s only when someone breaks the rules – for example littering or jaywalking – that they get really agitated and become flesh-eaters. The action horror-comedy’s titular protagonist Hsien is a cowardly national serviceman who realises that everyone in his army camp has been turned into flesh-eating zombies. He must then commandeer a vehicle and make its way out, linking up with other larger-than-life survivors that include s tomboyish ah lian sporting Sailor Moon outfits, a pompous civil servant and a receptionist with mean silat skills. Full scale shooting starts Feb 18 and ends in March.
Tagline: Small Island, Big Problem

Gary, still very much the entertainer, zombifies himself too

Project Title: Third Eye Open (feature film)
Filmmaker: Tony Kern

Brief Description: 
A collection of horror tales unfold when an anti-terrorist agent opens his third eye in order to solve a case involving the occult. The film will take at least a full year of shooting throughout all of 2012.  Post production will begin concurrently throughout 2012 and probably go into 2013.  We hope to release the film by late-2013.
Tagline: "This is for those who have closed their eyes, so as not to see the others in spite.  With a cold touch of terror, we will give all the sinful disbelievers true sight." - Figyur Pierce one of the characters from Third Eye Open

Project Title: Old Places (1.5 hr documentary, actual title to be revealed)
Filmmaker: Royston Tan

Brief Description: 
The sequel to 'Old Places' will be released in June. So make a date with your memories with one and half hour long documentary by Royston Tan.
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