Meet the People behind SINdie, New and Old

'It's time to introduce the current team of very talented volunteer writers behind SINdie again. There are altogether 6 of us with the occasional contributed article from other writers. Our backgrounds range from actual professional movie writing to filmmaking to being spin-doctors (public relations to be exact). I want to say a big thank you to all of them plus my ex-writers for having kept SINdie alive over the last 4 years. Can't wait to be 5!'  Jeremy, founder and editor of SINdie

Can't fly to London for a photo, so just throw on some fleece collars and stand beside a colonial-styled lamp post
Yang Vicki is a freelance writer, and supposedly an actor too, for both stage and screen (or will be at some point). Her biggest screen credit was a shot of her back, as a meandering extra in an art gallery. In the meantime, there have been temporary stints as a car park booth attendant, arcade token counter bitch, and most uselessly, a useful production intern. She obviously likes film very much, but also engages her attention in the field of zoology, art, literature, science, and chinese wuxia. She pays off her tuition loans by writing non-fiction articles, and scripts.

With his overseas adventures, no flood in Singapore will ruin his day
John Li, instead of trying to get a proper desk-bound job which would bring home the moolah, chooses to dream about spending his days at coffee shops with friends discoursing about life. While he is dabbles in video production and writing (in both English and Mandarin!), he continues yearing for a day when he can pluck up the courage to become a movie projectionist so that he can watch all the films he wants.

Raymond actually has good table manners, notice he finished his food before texting
Raymond Tan is a freelance writer (or rather, starving writer) who mainly does film writing. He contributes film and game reviews as well as special features to the local entertainment magazine F*** Movie Magazine, and has written reviews for online portals such as funkygrad and He graduated from the National University of Singapore, during which time he mostly spent holed up in the library's multimedia room watching films. Losing his academic rigour halfway through, and tired of writing film essays drenched in theoretical jargon, he turned to reviewing films for his faculty newsletter, which sparked his interest in film journalism. An ardent supporter of local films both good and bad, he has been reviewing features and shorts for SINdie since early 2010.

Beautifully annoying holiday photo
Yiz's mother used to put her in front of the TV to get her to shut up. Since then, she has been devouring films like there is no tomorrow. After learning that sentences can be constructed to deliver meanings and opinions, she likes to write her thoughts on whatever she's watched as well. Besides, watching films, she does have a life. She currently splits her time up serving the regular 8 hour shift as a corporate rat, watching movies, hanging out with friends, attending creative writing classes, traveling, among other stuff....

Operating in the dark has been a big part of his training as a cinematographer
Amarendra is a 23 year-old dedicated student of cinematography and currently pursuing a degree at The Puttnam School of Film in Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. He hails from Mumbai City where he has worked in bollywood for T.V, commercials, music videos and feature films. However, Singapore has a strange attraction for him despite the colourful movie industry in India. He is a cinematographer by practice and his philosophy in cinematography is "Ignore Key-Light, Shoot Shadows." (actually its Fuck Key-light and shoot shadows). To add another feather to his cap, he also composes and performs his own music.

Running a voluntary blog site has it challenges but it helps to have big picture thinking
Jeremy Sing's started in a sparsely occupied cinema with his mother watching ‘Days of Being Wild’ by Wong Kar Wai (though he did not eventually become a fan of Wong Kar Wai) Though still with a full time office job, he found his way into the industry by attending night classes, being a production assistant in several films and making his own short films. From 2005, he has made 5 short films that have both been screened locally and at overseas film festivals and competitions. Jeremy founded SINdie in 2008 and is proud to be cuddling this 4 year old baby girl.
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