Review: We Not Naughty

So how is Jack Neo’s latest piece of work different from his rest?

We can’t tell, really. Like the bespectacled director’s Ah Long Pte Ltd (2008), Love Matters (2009) and Being Human (2010) before this, there are a few must have ingredients which are seemingly essential to ensure good box office results. We still have characters shouting hysterically at each other. We also mustn’t forget the characters crying their hearts out to an overbearing music score. And what about characters changing for the better after realising that they have done wrong? Check.

The script for Neo’s latest work may offer nothing new from your nightly family TV drama series, but you can bet Singaporeans will lap this movie up, simply because it offers slapstick humour, over the top drama and a happy ending, a sure win formula which Neo has confidently concocted over the years.

To be fair, the commercially successful filmmaker has rightfully pointed out a few relevant social issues in this movie about the trials and tribulations of two rebellious teenagers studying in Singapore. Although it offers no new insights, the 137 minute production does feature noteworthy performances from its leads Shawn Lee and Joshua Ang. Also, seeing local artistes Loi Fey Hui, Eric Moo and xinyao (a genre of Chinese songs which was very popular in the 1980s) singer Yan Li Ming on screen just cracks us up.

This is not a movie you’d expect subtlety from (instead of being informative, the product placements are hilarious), but if this genre of commercial cinema rocks your boat, then Neo has delivered another winning hit.

And here’s the online trailer which has garnered 80,000 hits within a month:

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