Who's Shooting What in 2012? Series 1

2011 has been a bumper year in terms of local movie releases, particularly among the commercial movies where several movies broke the S$1m box office record, including 2359 and Already Famous. That is not forgetting the 2 Chinese New Year Blockbusters - Homecoming and Great Great World. While many new players with the money and entertainment industry backing broke into the scene, the familiar independent names like Royston Tan, Boo Junfeng, Tan Pin Pin, Sun Koh took time out to focus on smaller projects while theire next feature film idea was well in gestation.

A tradition of SINdie is to offer a peek into some of the projects filmmakers are up to next year in our 'Who's Shooting What?' series. We bring you a selection of the upcoming projects. Here is the first series of 5.


Project Title: Hugging the Buddha's Foot
Filmmaker: Liew Shi Xiong

Brief Description: A play on the Chinese idiom: 临时抱佛脚 / Hugging the Buddha's foot at the last moment. Ill-prepared for the upcoming exams, 2 teenage boys embark on a journey to hug as many Buddha feet as they can find, in a bid to gather as much luck as they can and pass their exams without having to work too hard.
Tagline: More Feet, More Luck!


Project Title: Liminality / The Red Route
Filmmaker: Iyvone Khoo

Liminality from Obsquare on Vimeo.

Brief Description:
Iyvone made Liminality as one of her graduation videos and it was chosen to compete for FutureMap 2011 and will be showing at the Zabludowicz Collection in January 2012 among other festivals. She will be looking to make another series along similar veins. At the same time, she will be working on a documentary 'The Red Route', which is shot over the death of my grandmother who passed away at the aged of 107.


Project Title: 想你 I Am Thinking Of You
Filmmaker: Lai Weijie and Elizabeth Widjaya

Brief Description: A woman returns to Singapore to revisit a childhood love that was never fulfilled. Meanwhile, on a cruise to nowhere, a man mourns the recent loss of his father. The invisible navigate themselves through the new Singapore landscape, bound by the past and their memories before she went missing. This work imagines a life ended abruptly and a ghost child that grows up along with the cities she was lost in. Ghosts are often portrayed as taking on the form of how they last looked in life but what if this ghost allows her image to grow, as she would have wanted to be if she had been alive? She haunts Singapore, until one day she meets a boy from her past...
Tagline: This work is dedicated to the ghosts of us, to the lost pasts and the eclipsed futures.


Project Title: Taxi Driver
Filmmaker: Kelvin Sng

Brief Description: My debut feature film to go into production in June 2012. Inspired by the local best seller "Diary of a Taxi Driver"
Tagline: The best journey in life is the one you are not prepared for.


Project Title: UnPeaceable
Filmmaker: Graham Streeter (who made 'Cages')

Graham Streeter on the set of 'Cages'

Brief Description: Made under imperative Pictures and to be shoting in Los Angeles this Winter, this is a psycho-thriller where dreams and reality collide.
Tagline: When a girl screams in the forest and no one is around, does she really make a sound?
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